Donald Trump: Remember We Are All Made In The Image of God


Why is this addressed to Donald Trump? Because He is the Person of the People, of that class that the forefathers of this country who had any sense of piety understood to be the virtuous class, ie as opposed to the political class,  in other words, that class of people who worked with their hands, who toiled with their mind in the production of crafts and innovations  and with their hearts they contemplated God, filled the Churches of this newly minted  nation, and tried to live an authentic ethical life, not only privately, but publicly.  This class shunned the secret societies and took public governance, i.e, what is called popular sovereignty, seriously. It wasn’t that they did not have blood on their hands and hearts, these are the descendants of Oliver Cromwell, the murderer of Charles I; and it wasn’t that they didn’t  have their own distorted sense of omnipotence…their hatred of the Irish, promulgated by the laws of England, and sealed by the likes of John Locke, in no other place, than the Carolinas, now known as North and South Carolina; it wasn’t that they did not have their own sense of class prejudice,  their embrace of the indentured servants and slavery economy, their willingness to murder  and exterminate whole cultures of peoples with a ancient and noble and indigenous sense of spiritual life which informed their own political life.  The political aristocracy who created the United States of America and the Constitution, and the virtuous class who gave us the Bill of Rights,  these were not a perfect people.  But they did have one thing in common with the indigenous people of the land, of natives in every land upon the earth; and it was this: That we are all Made in the Image of God, who took on flesh, died upon the Cross, to save His people, that is all of mankind, against their sins. To Save His People From their Sins.

For everyone of us must take responsibility for the state of the union.  This state of the union is the result of our own choices, our own willful blindness our own going off the track and becoming crooked in our souls.. The leaders that have deluded us, deluded us with our permission, the things they have offered us in return for our consent, have damaged us, and we are only now sincerely waking up from the false dream. And we have to deal with its consequences, personally, and with the consequences as a nation amongst nations, each with inhabitants all made in the image of God. The rich, the political aristocracy thought they wouldn’t be stained by taking away the livelihood of the people, and the people thought they could accommodate themselves to the empty pleasures, the discoteques and cultural fads of the post-modern world instead of adhering to the the ancient, absolute and uniquely sacred Truth of the Divine Creator; ie, Christ God.

I speak as a peasant, in other words, what is called the working class, the middle class,  class of the craftsman, the mechanic, the labourer, skilled and unskilled, the virtuous class, one who imperfectly strives to work out her salvation, day by day.  I speak as a constiuent of the body of the union, filled with so many diverse peoples, who nonetheless, share one commonality…that we are sacred beings, made with intention of the singular cloth of the True God, Christ.   And it is by this understanding that we will be able to see the true nature of mankind,and the true nature of the troubles that afflict us in this world.

We, if we are to be honest, all work out our salvation in fear and trembling.  It is no sin to be afraid, only to be willfully ignorant, and willfully disobedient to the remedy of this fear. There is a correct way, and an incorrect way…there is a way that allows God, and a way that demands God, and a way that denies God. The only true way is of Faith…and only through faith will we be reconciled to Him, and in consequence, reconciled to each other. The brave are not without fear, they have Courage…and what sustains this courage is the One who lives in the Heart from whence this Courage is born.   How is this Courage sustained…through union, communion with Christ…what is this communion…in its apparent simplest, least profound form…it is simply Prayer, prayer to Christ to assist us in all our endeavours.

I pray that those of us, who identify and believe in Mr. Donald Trump, who understand him, pray for him, for each other, for this Country to regain its integrity, and to regain its ability to negotiate in good Faith with the rest of the nations, also composed of men, made in the image of God, to respect the governance of these nations, and their profession of Faith, the form of their governance, and to learn to   hear and to be heard with respect, to unite against our common foes, the internationalists, and those who seek to demolish sovereignty of nations. We pray to unite in order  to fight against terrorism sponsored by our state, and the states of others opposed to the singular inherent ingrained right to exercise our free will to confess our Faith in the One True God and to form our culture by the lights of our heart, and not by the oppressive coercion of men with abstract ideals rooted in strange doctrines that foster violent promulgation..

To You Mr. Donald Trump  and to those of us who have put our trust in you, i beseech you to in your fear stand fearless, In your heart cultivate Courage and draw on it with Prayer as your Strength that which sustains Courage…and when we fall as we inevitably will, have the humility, courage and fearlessness to stand up again….You are the Man of the People, and we will stand with you, because it is our Duty  and  our noblesse oblige do so in these turbulent times to correct the damage inflicted on us by the poverty of the political aristocracy so steeped  in wrong and abstract doctrines that they would Crucify Christ all over again, crucify the virtuous class of people, for their unholy gains.

We are with you, and will not abandon you…and we pray God, you will not abandon us by abandoning the God who we draw on for our strength, and Yours.

Thank you again for running for the Presidency, and I Pray God Save Us and Protect You, and Us with You.



Petiton Hands Off Russia and Ukraine

SIGN Petition: U.S. Hands Off Russia and the Ukraine


Please send email messages to President Obama, Vice President Biden, Secretary of State Kerry, Senator McCain, Secretary-General Ban, Congress and the media saying: U.S. HANDS OFF RUSSIA AND THE UKRAINE! 


SIGN the online petition at


TEXT of Petition:


TO: President Obama, Senator McCain, Secretary Kerry, Secretary-General Ban, Members of Congress, and Members of the Media:


The overwhelming majority of the population of the U.S. is against being dragged into another disastrous war. Nothing is more dangerous than the aggressive U.S./NATO troop movements right on the borders of Russia.


Sending U.S. destroyers into the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea; scheduling threatening U.S./NATO war games and troop movements in East Europe; and imposing sanctions on the Russian Federation is a threat to peace on a world scale. We have seen the cost of past and continuing U.S. wars, which enrich the military corporations while impoverishing the targeted countries as well as poor and working people here in the U.S.


The years of U.S. funding of fascist forces in Ukraine and the recognition of a government in Kiev that overthrew the elected government, seized power and appointed extreme right-wing groups to head the police, army and national guard in order to pull Ukraine into NATO membership makes the U.S. complicit in the complete denial of the rights of the Ukrainian people. It is also a provocation against the entire region.


People in East and South Ukraine, outraged by this coup government, have attempted to resist the illegal junta, have declared an independent People’s Republic of Donetsk, and have called for referendums. In response, the right-wing coup government has allowed its military forces and other fascists to terrorize the Ukrainian people. In the most recent incident, some 40 people were massacred in the city of Odessa on May 2 by fascist militants, loyal to the Kiev government, who set the Trades Union Building on fire. In addition, 23 people were killed at Slavyansk and in Kramatorsk in the Donetsk region in attacks by Ukrainian military forces from May 2-3.


Despite mass desertions by Ukrainian police and military personnel, so-called “anti-terrorist” campaigns against activists in southeastern Ukraine were launched immediately after visits to Kiev by U.S. officials. Washington has spent $5 billion to effect “regime change” in Ukraine, helping to bring into power a junta dominated by fascist, racist, anti-Semitic organizations like Svoboda, Fatherland and Right Sector. Meanwhile, the U.S. has pledged up to $10 billion in loans to the illegal coup regime, and Washington has been instrumental in securing a $17 billion aid and austerity package from the International Monetary Fund.


This massive U.S. intervention in the Ukraine and ever-increasing campaign to surround and isolate Russia must end. I therefore demand:


1.            That the U.S. government and all its public, secret, official and unofficial agencies immediately cease all forms of intervention in Ukraine, including ceasing all material and political aid to fascist and right-wing organizations within the country;


2.            That all sanctions and threats of sanctions against the Russian Federation be dropped — sanctions are an act of war;


3.            That U.S. military forces immediately be withdrawn from the Eastern European region and that NATO’s expansion and provocative actions against Russia be ended.


Dear friends,


In the past few days a further dangerous escalation has taken place in Ukraine. While President Obama met with German Chancellor Merkel in Washington to further U.S.-NATO threats against Russia, a massacre took place in Ukraine’s third largest city, Odessa.


Neo-Nazis attacked an encampment of protesters opposed to the illegal coup regime in Kiev. Outnumbered and facing hardened goons hurling Molotov cocktails, the activists fled and were given refuge by union workers in the nearby Trade Union Building. The neo-Nazis then firebombed the building, killing some 40 people who were trapped inside. Survivors, some of whom jumped from high windows, were beaten or killed as they tried to escape.


Meanwhile, in the southeastern region of Donetsk, where the popular anti-fascist movement has seized government buildings and declared an independent People’s Republic, Ukraine military forces loyal to Kiev attacked checkpoints on the outskirts of Slavyansk, killing at least 13 unarmed activists. Overnight May 2-3, the National Guard (which includes many fascist gang members in uniform) attacked the city of Kramatorsk, killing 10 anti-fascists.


The U.S. government, Wall Street and the corporate media have turned events upside down. They blame Russia and the anti-fascist protesters as the source of the crisis. But it was the United States that, by the admission of Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, spent more than $5 billion to bring about “regime change” in Ukraine in its campaign to encircle and suffocate Russia. U.S. officials from both the Democratic and Republican parties were deeply involved in the coup that brought to power outright fascist elements like Svoboda, Fatherland and the Right Sector. And it is the U.S. that is carrying out a provocative military buildup in Eastern Europe.


We urge you to take the following actions:


  1. SIGN the online petition to President Obama, Senator McCain, the media and Congressional representatives. Please forward widely to your contacts.
  2. Prepare to take emergency action in your area. In the event of a further escalation of the crisis, we will call for united nationwide actions, including local protests, vigils, teach-ins and visits to representatives’ offices.
  3. Come to the May 10 Teach-In at Riverside Church in New York City to learn more and find out about future actions. If you are unable to attend or live outside the New York area, you can watch a livestream of the meeting at


Ukriane distorts Geneva Agreement of 17 April 2014

Kiev must immediately deescalate east Ukraine crisis, call back troops – Moscow

Published time: April 23, 2014 13:38
Edited time: April 23, 2014 14:16

Ukrainian soldiers drive an airborne combat vehicle near Kramatorsk, in eastern Ukraine April 16, 2014. (Reuters / Marko Djurica)

Ukrainian soldiers drive an airborne combat vehicle near Kramatorsk, in eastern Ukraine April 16, 2014. (Reuters / Marko Djurica)

“The Russian side once again insists on an immediate deescalation of the situation in the southeast of Ukraine, the withdrawal of divisions of the Ukrainian Army and the start of a real inter-Ukrainian dialogue including all the regions and political entities of the country,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement on its website.

Moscow is “surprised” by Kiev’s interpretation of the four-sided Geneva agreement adopted by Russia, Ukraine, the US and the EU on April 17, it added.

Despite the call for disarmament of “all the illegal armed groups” specified by the agreement, Kiev, Washington and a number of European leaders “keep harping on the necessity to ‘hand over weapons’ [referring] only to the Ukrainian citizens defending their rights in southeastern Ukraine.” With that, the Western powers “are turning a blind eye to the ongoing provocative actions of the gunmen of the far-right groups, including that of the so-called Right Sector.”

Such actions, which have been taking place in both the capital, Kiev, and in southeastern Ukrainian cities, “have already led to death of people overnight into April 20,” the ministry said.

Russia continues to believe that the Western partners are “earnest” in their stated commitment for the peaceful resolving of the Ukrainian crisis, the statement said. However, the facts “regretfully speak to the opposite,” it added. Kiev has not moved to enter a dialogue with the regions of Ukraine protesting against its rule, while the US officials have apparently chosen not to discourage the coup-imposed authorities in their “strongarm ambitions.”

Immediately after US Vice-President Joseph Biden ended his April 21-22 talks and left the Ukrainian capital, Kiev announced the renewal of the so-called “anti-terrorist operation” in eastern Ukraine, the statement noted. Previously, CIA director’s John Brennan’s April 13 visit to Kiev coincided with the start of the same military operation, it said.