chi-raq promoWhen I first tried to read Aristophanes’ Lysistrata,  I was not impressed with it, and consequently did not finish it.  I was  offended by the serious subject of war  being  handled with such frivolity.  As if men who do not engage in sex, also do not engage in war. Another point of contention about the play was that it portrayed men as mere animals whose aggressive tendencies could only be reigned in by a lack of sexual gratification.   And yet a more offensive aspect was the play’s argument that a woman could manipulate a man using her willingness to gratify  or not gratify his sexual desires. Her ability to appeal to his higher nature, that is, his intellect or his heart, by using her higher powers,  was minimized within the play. Furthermore, the play concealed the fact that women also could be swayed under the passion of the bloodlust. After all, Athena was a goddess of War. That meme, I suspect, did not emerge from a societal void. Overall,  this play was a commentary  about human male/female relationships which seem to say  these  relationships were guided only by sexual instincts.


Peace as a young woman exposed to the frustrated warriors

Nonetheless, I am excited about Spike Lee’s new movie Chi-Raq, because it, during these  times of the Black Lives Matter Movement, addresses something that the movement doesn’t talk about-the epidemic  crime in some African-American communities in the United States. I think the movie, whether intentionally or not intentionally will make the point that If Black Lives Matter, it has to matter within the African-American community as well.

I am not a great  fan of the low-brow satire that Aristophanes employs to make a case for Peace; however, in a secular world that has rejected Christ,  maybe this is one of the few devices to utilize which can  bring attention or create movement toward a balanced debate on the crime in African-American communities and the militarizing of police forces everywhere, not just in African-American communities.  And also we can make a argument to expose the criminality that is emerging and growing in middle class neighborhoods.  The truth is that militarization of police forces, as well as hyper-surveillance,  is a fact of life in predominately white communities as well, and to polarize groups about this issue is a way to keep them from uniting in order to effectively protest it. And it keeps us dumbed down to what is really going on internationally. So even though, I’m not a fan of Aristophanes, I’m interested enough about Spike Lee’s movie Chi-Raq to go see it, and not only to go and see it, but to watch as it hopefully inspires a dialogue that will bring some needed balance to the current civil rights movement between whites and blacks, and even perhaps erase the false flag situations that separate them.