Sunday For the Lord Movement, Westphalia, and Blacks vs. Whites

This current conflagration is not about blacks vs. whites.  It is sincerely about religion and faith, and the right to worship and live according to one’s conscience. We live in a society where our relationships have grown coarser with each other. Everytime we have to chose work before the Church on Sunday, we become more vulnerable to the ways of the world.

There was a moment in our time when folks were beginning to come together. Charlie Pride singing country music, Johnny Cash, All in the Family and Sanford and Son.  There was this brief moment in time when the hope and legacy of Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy was being realised. Eveyone had grieved as Americans, and inspite of the loss, they came together with shared values…but there was in the sewer, and in high places darkness…and the culture became sodden with Anti-Christian ideology and began embracing all that was against God, and it really began I think when Sunday being considered not a Holy day anymore, but an extended day for commerce.  So people had to choose between work (material life) and Spiritual life. They had to choose between worshipping God, and being fearful of the deprivations of the flesh.  We did not understand that this was a time-bomb because if you are not being nourished by the Church, you are being seduced by the darkness, and one person at a time enters that darkness because they have become like sheep before wolves.

Not all that is glitter is gold: Power a false measure of humanity.

The only way we can gain our true identity is with Christ. Dignity as a human being can only be wrought through our participation in the battle to reclaim our souls from the darkness.  Personal wounds, Political wounds, we mush day by day, stop picking at the scabs, and embrace the love and healing of Christ, who is the sole archetype of all human beings.

And yet  Blacks want to have power just as badly as Whites.and they both use the victim card, and now everyone is a victim so to speak…we’ve become a nation of pointing fingers and our Church numbers have become smaller and smaller, and .we’ve all become coarsened by this delusional desire.  So both sides are manipulated by the media because of this…and by our own personal falleness. We’ve forgotten that the power of the world is not going to get us anywhere. What a wonderful thing it was when President Trump signalled that he not only understood this but was willing to do all he can to rectify this great loss of our country, our Spiritual Life.

We can help him and  we can transcend this. We can refuse to work on Sundays, and we can go back to Church and Adhere to the Ten Commandments and the teachings of the New Testament. We can get down on our knees before Christ, and we can Love our Neighbour and our Enemies as ourselves.. In fact we must do this. We must be a nation in repentance, just as Ninevah was, and God will hear our prayer. Russia has had a Spiritual Awakening. This is what has made it strong against the assaults of the enemy.

I wish there was a Sunday for the Lord movement.

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