U.S. Reaping what they Sow

14:22 GMT

A bill on severing ties with the US in a number of areas has been submitted to the Azerbaijani parliament. It proposes to suspend participation in the operations in Afghanistan in the format of ISAF contingents and to ban the transits of US defense cargoes via the Azerbaijani territory, TASS reported. The draft law, titled ‘On the Situation with Human Rights in the US’, was initiated by the deputy chairman of the parliamentary committee for legislative policies and state construction, Rowsan Rzaev. He called the motion a self-styled response to the Azerbaijan Democracy Act submitted to the US Congress on December 16 by the chair of the Helsinki Commission, Chris Smith. Various organizations and agencies in the US are making attempts to meddle with Azerbaijan’s domestic and foreign policies, according to Rzaev’s document. It also suggests that entry visas to some categories of US citizens should be denied.