United States Stinged: ISIL True Funders

True Colors


13:59 11.03.2015(updated 14:44 11.03.2015) http://sptnkne.ws/Qb

Several US and Israeli military advisors were arrested by Iraqi authorities while aiding the Islamic State terrorists.

True Colors

The arrests were made during the operation codenamed The Sting of a Scorpion.

According to Iraqi media sources, three of the arrested military advisors are dual citizens of the United States and Israel, while the fourth advisor is from a Persian Gulf country.

The foreign military advisors were captured in a headquarters, from where the Islamic State organized its military operations in Iraq’s Northern Province of Nineveh.

Read more: http://sputniknews.com/cartoons/20150311/1019336775.html#ixzz3VYObD6ET


Professor Dimitri Kitsikis to Speak at Utica Public Library

Dimitri_kitsikisInformed Orthodox Christian Citizen Initiative Honored!!

Announcing Its 2nd Citizens’ Public Forum: Ukraine in Crisis…

West vs. East:             Geopolitical Philosophies Behind Foreign Policy Objectives of United States-led West, and the China-led East.

By Dimitri Kitsikis, developer of the “intermediate region” theory of geopolitical philosophy.

  • Speaking at the Utica Public Library on 16-April-15 at 3:00 pm.
  • Q & A Session for all attendees 4:00 pm.
  • Program is FREE with Refreshments!
  • Photographs from Donbass Region will be available for viewing.

Everyone interested in the current geopolitical crisis are Invited to Attend a Lecture given by Professor Dimitri Kitsikis, Professor of International Relations and Geopolitics at the University of Ottawa in Canada since 1970, Fellow of the Society of Canada: He received his doctoral degree in 1963 from the Sorbonne, Paris, under the supervision of Pierre Renouvin. He has been named among the three top geopolitical experts worldwide and is the founder of the  Dim Dimitri Kitsikis Public Foundation in Athens, Greece, which was formally established under Presidential Decree.

Forum on Ukraine At Utica College: Hard Lesson Learned, the Hard Way

On the 12th of March, the Utica College graciously hosted a forum on Ukraine called Nazism and Fascism in Ukraine, and that title was a change from the original billing which was Double Standards in U.S. Foreign Policy: Ukraine, a case study.


Political Science Honor Society Pi Sigma Alpha  was gracious in accepting the proposal to host the event at Utica College’s Willard Conference Room, DePerno Hall. It began at 7pm.

One thing you learn about organizing any endeavour whether it be political or theatrical, is that there is always some amount of drama.  And it is not surprising since as human beings we are all marked with the symptoms of the Fall, that of fear and  trembling upon the face of the earth. We are agitated by questions such as: Is it going to work out;…what actually will be said:…do you want dinner before or after the event?. These and other concerns like random atoms crash through the sphere of our minds and hearts, and furrows through the waves and troughs of despondency and anxiety: in other words the mark of Cain is the devil in the details.

So yes, being that we are human beings,  there was some drama leading up to the event but by the grace of God, it was all smoothed over by the desire of the organizers, the Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society, and the Faculty of Utica College, and some community members to create an opportunity for freedom of speech to be actually practiced in a way perhaps the Founders of the United States, had actually imagined it

The event itself was a success, we had quite a few people show up….a count of about 45 people, (for topics of this type this is huge) some Orthodox peoples,  clergy and laymen showed up, and also of course, students.

The students and community members asked very good questions afterward, and of course you had someone with the mainstream version of the events pipe up, and he was politely apprised of the little known truths of the matter. It was for the most part a very good civil discussion wherein some information was shared, and then discussed, and people went away with their minds cogitating on perspectives they probably would not have gotten elsewhere.

It was what happened afterward that was deeply disturbing, and it shattered any goodwill that was forged during the lead up to the event, during the drama and reconciliation, and during the event itself and, immediately afterward.

A press release was hastily written up about the forum that misrepresented events that led up to it, and this was dispersed through various media, internationally and in the United States.  When there was an attempt  to facilitate a correction, the organizers were summarily dismissed, and their concerns were ignored..in fact .one of the organizers received an email that was very belittling. I write this because I want it on record that the College was very welcoming , contrary to what was said in the press release.

The hard lesson learned was that whenever you have a speaker come to any event you are hosting, or organizing,  individually or collectively; get it in writing how the media relations aspect of it will be handled.  If you are a nascent activist such as I am…please I cannot tell you more emphatically how important this aspect of organizing is. Goodwill can be destroyed, and peoples’s livelihood can be threatened, and if you are collaborating with someone who turns out to be somewhat deaf and blind to these concerns, you’d rather deal with it in the contractual stage rather than the aftermath, when you’ve realised you have been manipulated and used to further the agenda of some other organization that has not the best interest of your community and your own organizing efforts in mind.

Actions speak louder than words. Harmful actions without any remorse are fatal to good advocacy and forming coalitions to fight injustice. Sometimes we don’t need outsiders to divide and conquer us…we do it to ourselves.

Thus, contracts are ways to build good fences, so that in the name of that niggling demon of self-interest we don’t abuse people of good faith and good intentions.  In the fight for justice, whether in a small town, or in a big city or internationally, there are all types of people participating, and many with different motives at odds with one another.  The contractual agreement is a good way to deal with the potentialities these different motives may generate, and to mitigate the worse of them.  As i said earlier , the event itself was very good, and there was a blessed feeling of goodwill, even though there were disagreements.  It was to my mind a very civil affair…and if the students didn’t have to study,or community members didn’t have  long drives to embark on,  perhaps everyone would have wanted to go out for a beer afterward…that was my take on things.

But what was said during the event was important, important enough that  following is a post of the good parts of that press release.  Please read it, and cogitate on it.


xeproposed-ukraine-map-after-crimea-joins-russia (5)

On the evening of March 12, 2015, the Political Science Honors Society of Utica College in Utica, NY sponsored a political forum on the crisis in the Ukraine entitled Fascism and Nazism in Ukraine.  The forum was part of a continuing conversation series of public political events organized by the Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society.
Professor Lituchy began with a synopsis of his
presentation: the facts surrounding the US backing
of the coup against the democratically elected
government in Kiev; a review of the 2500 year
history of the Russian and Ukrainian peoples, who 
for most of that time  lived as one people with one
language, one religion, one state, one culture and
history until quite recently; and the historical events
that led to the splitting off of Galicia, Volynia and
Bukovina from the rest of Russia and ultimately
the sponsoring in Galicia of a Uniate church that
served as a platform for dividing and conquering the
Russian and Ukrainian peoples and then using it
to subvert the Orthodox church and ultimately
using it as a springboard for projecting German
imperialist interests in Ukraine and Russia –
such as territorial expansion – beginning with the
third annexation of Poland in 1792 and
continuing into the twentieth century with
World Wars one and two.
This, Professor Lituchy explained, was the blueprint
for the later policy of US imperialist policies against
Russia and Ukraine by which western ukrainian
nationalists would be used to take over the Ukraine
and then to establish a military threat against Russia.
Lituchy also gave a detailed account of the origins and
history of the Ukrainian fascist movement beginning with
Semyon Petliura and continuing with Bandera and the OUN
and the forces used by the Nazis in the Holocaust including the SS Division Galizia blessed by the Uniate
Bishop and Pope Pius XII, and then up to today,
with special reference to Right Sektor, Svoboda,
and the Azov Battalion and other paramilitary units
committing atrocities against people in the Ukraine.
Today’s atrocities are replication of the atrocities of
the past.
During this historical review Lituchy pointed out
that in 1919 Petliura’s forces captured the city
of Zhashkovo in the Ukraine and carried out
one of the worst pogroms in all of Jewish history.
Lituchy’s great-grandfather and family (except
for 2 members who were shot) survived the
pogrom in Zhashkovo, but most of the city’s
Jews were burned alive in the synagogue by Petluira.
Altogether Petluira’s forces carried out 1200 pogroms between 1917 and 1921 and killed 200,000 Jews.
Lituchy then spoke about how the Ukrainian fascists
were never punished but in fact were saved by British
and US intelligence to serve in the Cold War as agents
against the USSR and other Communist countries. Their  escape through the Vatican ratlines was facilitated
by the Ustashe priest Kruneslav Dragonovic, but was
overseen by British and US intelligence agencies.
A number of Ukrainian Nazis later held highly
influential positions in the US and were even advisors to
Presidents Reagan and Bush (the elder). At least 12,000
Ukrainian Nazis fled to North America and got to live out
their “American dream” after butchering millions of
Jews and Russians including children.
In his conclusion, Lituchy called on his fellow Americans
to condemn US intervention in the Ukrainian crisis,
oppose all further military aid to Kiev, and, above all, to
support the partition of the Ukraine through a peaceful
divorce so that the Western Ukrainians can pursue their
national aspirations and the eastern Ukrainians can pursue their national aspirations which would inevitably involve
rejoining Russia. Lituchy emphasized that the US position on
borders is not only a case of double standards but also preposterous. Ukraine’s borders are artificial and were created during Soviet times, and artificial borders have
throughout history led to wars and violent conflicts
between peoples. But worst still, President Obama and
the US media have falsely claimed that the main reason
to sanction Russia is because we do not permit the violent change of borders. Obviously the destruction of Yugoslavia
and the violent bombing that led to Kosovo’s separation from Serbia in 1999 proves the perfidious nature and lies behind US and EU policy toward the Ukraine and Russia.*****
*****Now I must add, that Orthodox Christian suffering was minimized in this piece, although it was adequately covered during the lecture series, as the Orthodox suffered greatly in these and other pogroms.  And we will be sharing that history, directly.

Dostoevsky on Russia’s Mission

This is something I want my Orthodox friends to read, who have become so Americanized as Republicans or Democrats or green or liberatarian, that they pervert Orthodoxy, become blind and paralysed, and like the denizens of the west become either on one hand as Republicans, Pharisees, and on the other hand like Democrats, become promulgators of the new jim crow, which stunts uniqueness in personality to race, or false gender constructs. the soul of mankind becomes more and more constricted and the relations between people in the Church more constrained as they seek to project onto their fellow Christian stereotypes of the fall world. One People, One Faith, One God…they forget..as they only drink from the chalice in form, but drink deeply from the false chalices of the world.

The Soul of the East

Philosopher Nikolai Onufriyevich Lossky (1870-1965) outlines Fyodor Dostoevsky’s vision of Russia’s transcendent mission – to bring the world to the God-Man Christ, Whose fullest expression is found in the ancient faith upheld by Byzantium and adopted by Grand Prince Vladimir in 988. Salvation comes from the East. Translated by Mark Hackard.

Knowing the deep religious basis of the Russian spirit, Dostoevsky, despite all the shortcomings of the people, believed that it stood to the Russians to carry out a great mission in Europe. He saw “the essence of Russia’s calling” in “revealing to the world the unknown Russian Christ, Whose principle lies in our native Orthodoxy” (Letter to Strakhov, 1869, No. 325). In view of the breadth of the Russian mind and character, Dostoevsky was confident that the Christian spirit would be expressed in the ability to develop a synthesis of opposing ideas and aspirations that divide the peoples of Europe, whence would…

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Persecuted Christians: Chadian Citizen Dies For Christ

What made a non believer Chadian citizen; die for Christ, along with his “20 Coptic Christian friends”?

ISIS announced the execution of 21 Copts but only 20 names were confirmed, most of them were from the province of Minya(Upper Egypt). There was an inaccuracy in the number of Egyptian Hostages; there were only 20 Egyptians(Copts). Then who was this remaining one non-Coptic victim?


Ahram-Canadian News was able to gather information about this man. He was a Chadian Citizen (Darker skin shown in picture) who accepted Christianity after seeing the immense faith of his fellow Coptic Christians to die for Christ. When Terrorist forced him to reject Jesus Christ as God, looking at his Christian friends he replied, “their God is my God“ so the terrorist beheaded him also.

Think about the faith, shining through those 20 Christians who made a non believer, a true believer in Christ, even at the point of death. In Bible, Gospel of Luke describes about two thieves, being on either side of Jesus as they were crucified. At that very point of death by Crucifixion, one of the thief accepted Christ saying, ‘LORD, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.’ Here this Chadian citizen showed the same faith in Christ.
Can we put ourselves into his place? The faith he showed was not a mean faith, at such a moment, he could believe in Jesus as Lord and King.

May God help us to strength our faith so that the world may see our good works, and glorify our Father which is in heaven. (Mathew 5:16)
(News referred from Ahram-Canadian news)