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TO: President Obama, Senator McCain, Secretary Kerry, Secretary-General Ban, Members of Congress, and Members of the Media:


The overwhelming majority of the population of the U.S. is against being dragged into another disastrous war. Nothing is more dangerous than the aggressive U.S./NATO troop movements right on the borders of Russia.


Sending U.S. destroyers into the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea; scheduling threatening U.S./NATO war games and troop movements in East Europe; and imposing sanctions on the Russian Federation is a threat to peace on a world scale. We have seen the cost of past and continuing U.S. wars, which enrich the military corporations while impoverishing the targeted countries as well as poor and working people here in the U.S.


The years of U.S. funding of fascist forces in Ukraine and the recognition of a government in Kiev that overthrew the elected government, seized power and appointed extreme right-wing groups to head the police, army and national guard in order to pull Ukraine into NATO membership makes the U.S. complicit in the complete denial of the rights of the Ukrainian people. It is also a provocation against the entire region.


People in East and South Ukraine, outraged by this coup government, have attempted to resist the illegal junta, have declared an independent People’s Republic of Donetsk, and have called for referendums. In response, the right-wing coup government has allowed its military forces and other fascists to terrorize the Ukrainian people. In the most recent incident, some 40 people were massacred in the city of Odessa on May 2 by fascist militants, loyal to the Kiev government, who set the Trades Union Building on fire. In addition, 23 people were killed at Slavyansk and in Kramatorsk in the Donetsk region in attacks by Ukrainian military forces from May 2-3.


Despite mass desertions by Ukrainian police and military personnel, so-called “anti-terrorist” campaigns against activists in southeastern Ukraine were launched immediately after visits to Kiev by U.S. officials. Washington has spent $5 billion to effect “regime change” in Ukraine, helping to bring into power a junta dominated by fascist, racist, anti-Semitic organizations like Svoboda, Fatherland and Right Sector. Meanwhile, the U.S. has pledged up to $10 billion in loans to the illegal coup regime, and Washington has been instrumental in securing a $17 billion aid and austerity package from the International Monetary Fund.


This massive U.S. intervention in the Ukraine and ever-increasing campaign to surround and isolate Russia must end. I therefore demand:


1.            That the U.S. government and all its public, secret, official and unofficial agencies immediately cease all forms of intervention in Ukraine, including ceasing all material and political aid to fascist and right-wing organizations within the country;


2.            That all sanctions and threats of sanctions against the Russian Federation be dropped — sanctions are an act of war;


3.            That U.S. military forces immediately be withdrawn from the Eastern European region and that NATO’s expansion and provocative actions against Russia be ended.


Dear friends,


In the past few days a further dangerous escalation has taken place in Ukraine. While President Obama met with German Chancellor Merkel in Washington to further U.S.-NATO threats against Russia, a massacre took place in Ukraine’s third largest city, Odessa.


Neo-Nazis attacked an encampment of protesters opposed to the illegal coup regime in Kiev. Outnumbered and facing hardened goons hurling Molotov cocktails, the activists fled and were given refuge by union workers in the nearby Trade Union Building. The neo-Nazis then firebombed the building, killing some 40 people who were trapped inside. Survivors, some of whom jumped from high windows, were beaten or killed as they tried to escape.


Meanwhile, in the southeastern region of Donetsk, where the popular anti-fascist movement has seized government buildings and declared an independent People’s Republic, Ukraine military forces loyal to Kiev attacked checkpoints on the outskirts of Slavyansk, killing at least 13 unarmed activists. Overnight May 2-3, the National Guard (which includes many fascist gang members in uniform) attacked the city of Kramatorsk, killing 10 anti-fascists.


The U.S. government, Wall Street and the corporate media have turned events upside down. They blame Russia and the anti-fascist protesters as the source of the crisis. But it was the United States that, by the admission of Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, spent more than $5 billion to bring about “regime change” in Ukraine in its campaign to encircle and suffocate Russia. U.S. officials from both the Democratic and Republican parties were deeply involved in the coup that brought to power outright fascist elements like Svoboda, Fatherland and the Right Sector. And it is the U.S. that is carrying out a provocative military buildup in Eastern Europe.


We urge you to take the following actions:


  1. SIGN the online petition to President Obama, Senator McCain, the media and Congressional representatives. Please forward widely to your contacts.
  2. Prepare to take emergency action in your area. In the event of a further escalation of the crisis, we will call for united nationwide actions, including local protests, vigils, teach-ins and visits to representatives’ offices.
  3. Come to the May 10 Teach-In at Riverside Church in New York City to learn more and find out about future actions. If you are unable to attend or live outside the New York area, you can watch a livestream of the meeting at



Criminalization of Western Media use of Propaganda

How the Western Media Deciphers the Neo-Nazi Code

Néo-nazis Ukraine

There are no Neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

According to the Western media, its all part of “a relentless Kremlin-driven propaganda offensive that uses World War II-era terms and imagery”.

Moscow is accused of using the words Nazi and Fascist to describe a pro-Western government in Kiev, which is indelibly committed to the tenets of “real democracy”.

In Odessa, on May 2nd, Neo-Nazi thugs set fire to the city’s Trade Union building leading to countless deaths of innocent civilians who were burnt alive within the building. This diabolical and criminal undertaking was part of a carefully planned paramilitary operation, which was barely acknowledged by the mainstream media.

The Western media blamed the Odessa tragedy on pro-Russian rebels. The criminal actions undertaken by Neo-Nazi  Brown shirts were not mentioned. The atrocities were blamed on Moscow.

In the media’s coverage of unfolding atrocities directed against civilians in Eastern Ukraine, the words Nazi, Fascist or Neo-Nazi are a taboo. They have been eliminated from the anthology of investigative reporting. The Right Sector militia are casually referred to by the Western media as “patriots”, “Ultra-conservatives” and “freedom fighters”, despite the fact that they visibly display Nazi insignia and openly pledge their allegiance to the memory of Stepan Bandera and Adolf Hitler.

Neo-Nazi Rally in Ukraine, with portrait of Stepan Bandera

On May 9, another occupied building was set ablaze in Mariupol by the regime’s National Guard, which is under the direct command of the Ukraine Council for National Security and Defense controlled by the two Neo-Nazi parties.

In a bitter irony, while there was no mainstream coverage of the role of Neo-Nazis in relation to the Mariupol atrocities, the broader Neo-Nazi issue was nonetheless making the headlines on May 9.  On the very same day, a stream of syndicated articles was released focussing on the alleged use of a “secret” Neo-Nazi insignia on a box of liquid detergent recently released by Procter and Gamble.

The sensationalist headline on the Daily Mail read as follows:

Aryan automatic! Detergent giant caught up in Nazi row after Ariel boxes feature secret far-right code in Germany

    • Packages printed with large number ’88′, used by extremists for ‘Heil Hitler’
    • Germany bans Nazi slogans, symbol used as H is 8th letter of alphabet
    • Company forced to apologise after outraged shoppers took to Twitter
    • Also forced to pull ‘Ariel 18′ liquid as ’18′ is symbol for ‘AH’ or Adolf Hitler

An Ariel liquid detergent bottle with an '18' on it sits in Berlin Germany, Friday, May 9, 2014.

The articles describe outraged German shoppers following the display of a “well known” Neo-Nazi insignia on a box of liquid detergent:

Outraged shoppers had posted pictures online of Ariel powder boxes featuring a white soccer jersey with a large number “88.” The number is sensitive because far-right extremists in Germany often use it as a code to skirt a ban on the use of Nazi slogans in public: since “H” is the eighth letter of the alphabet, “88″ represents the phrase “Heil Hitler.” Similarly, “18″ is used to stand for “A.H.” or Adolf Hitler.

The company apologized for its unintended use of a secret Neo-Nazi insignia.

Number 88 has nothing to do with “Heil Hitler”, said a company representative, it  was “intended to show how many loads of laundry buyers would be able to do with one package.”

“We very much regret if there are any false associations and distance ourselves clearly from any far-right ideology,” company spokeswoman Gabi Hassig said in a statement.

The issue of Ariel “18″ being mistaken for Adolph Hitler may have been the source of laughter and ridicule, yet under the circumstances it demonstrated how the Western media actually deciphers Neo-Nazi codes.  While it  has no difficulty in “cracking the secret Nazi code” on a box of liquid detergent, it fails to acknowledge the obvious role of the two main Neo-Nazi parties in the Kiev coalition government, not to mention the fact that Western leaders are supportive of the Neo-Nazi parties and have no intention of apologizing.

On the one hand the Western media refuses to provide news coverage pertaining to the criminal actions of self proclaimed Neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine with clearly identifiable insignia. (see below)

On the other hand, it misleads public opinion’s perception of the threat of neo-Nazism by accusing Procter and Gamble of promoting unwarranted neo-Nazi symbols on a packet of detergent.

Trivia becomes Newsworthy

Number”18″ on a packet of Ariel detergent receives extensive coverage as a despicable symbol of “far-right ideology”, representing AH (Adolph Hitler).

Yet at the same time, on the same day, the Western media is not able to “decipher the atrocities” committed by Neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

Nor does it acknowledge the fact, amply documented, that the Right Sector and Svoboda militia in Ukraine are supported by Western governments, not to mention Special Forces within National Guard and Right Sector paramilitary ranks (photo: John McCain with the leader of Svoboda (centre))

While Procter and Gamble apologizes for the “false Adolph Hitler associations” on the packet of Ariel detergent, as reported profusely in mainstream news tabloids (see list below),  Western leaders including John Kerry, John McCain, Victoria Nuland and Catherine Ashton are not ready to say“sorry, we supported the Neo-Nazis who are killing innocent civilians, we made a really big mistake.”

 U.S. Assistant secretary of State Victoria Nuland with Svoboda leader Oleh Tyahnybok (left)

 A google news search for the Word “Nazi” on May 9 confirms the Western media’s self-denial of the role of neo-Nazism in Ukraine. The word is never mentioned in relation to Ukraine. Journalists and editors are instructed not to use the term.

While google will list alternative media reports including GR pertaining to neo-Nazism in Ukraine, the google list for mainstream Western media sources pertains to the unwarranted use of “secret Nazi codes” on a packet of liquid detergent, allegedly in derogation of the rights of German consumers.

To say that this constitutes “double media standards” is a blatant understatement. What we are dealing with is coverup and camouflage.

The “visible insignia” underlying Neo-Nazi atrocities in Ukraine are simply not acknowledged. They are not newsworthy.

High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy for the European Union Catherine Ashton and  Oleh Tyahnybok (left).

Instrument of war propaganda

The mainstream media by denying the very existence of Neo-Nazi formations in Ukraine is complicit under the Nuremberg Principles of “crimes against peace”. As documented by Peter Dyer:

The critical role of propaganda was affirmed at Nuremberg not only by the prosecution and in the judgment but also in the testimony of the most prominent Nazi defendant, Reichsmarshall Hermann Goering: “Modern and total war develops, as I see it, along three lines: the war of weapons on land, at sea and in the air; economic war, which has become an integral part of every modern war; and, third, propaganda war, which is also an essential part of this warfare.”

Two months after the Nuremberg hangings, the United Nations General Assembly passed Resolution 59(I), declaring: “Freedom of information requires as an indispensable element the willingness and capacity to employ its privileges without abuse. It requires as a basic discipline the moral obligation to seek the facts without prejudice and to spread knowledge without malicious intent.”(emphasis added)

What is involved is the outright “criminalization of the Western media” requiring the prosecution of those responsible within major Western media conglomerates for providing –in an organizing and systematic fashion– a “human face” to acts of war and aggression.


For further details on AH “18″ (aka Adolph Hitler) on Ariel detergent see the authoritative reports of the Western media on the threat of Neo-Nazism in the EU (incomplete list)

  1. Germans in lather over ‘Nazi code’

    Irish Independent-May 10, 2014
    Detergent maker Procter & Gamble has prompted anger in Germany after unintentionally placing a neo-Nazi code on promotional packages for …
  2. German detergent box pulled for neo-Nazi code

    The West Australian-May 9, 2014
    The number 88 is used by the far right in Germany to stand for the Nazi salute “Heil Hitler” because H is the eighth letter of the alphabet, thus …
  1. Procter & Gamble Pulls Laundry Detergent Over Neo-Nazi Symbol 9, 2014
    Procter & Gamble (PG) has pulled a laundry detergent from shelves after consumers accused the product of promoting neo-Nazi ideals.
  1. Germany pulls detergent over neo-Nazi code

    SBS-May 9, 2014
    A laundry detergent featuring an image of a large number 88, a neo-Nazi code, on a white soccer jersey has sparked anger in Germany.
  1. Ariel caught up in Nazi row after boxes feature secret far-right code …

    Daily Mail-May 10, 2014
    However, it is common knowledge in Germany that neo-Nazis have given the number a new meaning. The symbol derives from that fact that ‘H’ …
  2. P&G Detergent Pulled in Germany Over Neo-Nazi Code ……/p-g-detergent-pulled-germany-ove…

    4 days ago – Detergent manufacturer Procter & Gamble has prompted anger in … They use “88” to represent the phrase “Heil Hitler,” because “H” is the …

  3. Procter & Gamble pulls out detergent in Germany over neo ……/procter_gamble_pulls_out_detergent_i…

    Toronto Star

    3 days ago – ’18′ is the neo-Nazi code for Adolf Hitler. … BERLIN—Detergent manufacturer Procter & Gamble has prompted anger in Germany after …

  4. P&G slips up with neo-Nazi codes on German packaging ……/…

    3 days ago – Procter & Gamble promotions for its Ariel laundry detergent backfired in … used numbers on packaging that are neo-Nazi codes for Adolph Hitler.

  5. Procter & Gamble : Anger at ‘Hitler’ code on detergent | 4 … ›2 days ago – Detergent firm Procter & Gamble stirred anger in Germany after accidentally putting a neo-Nazi code on promotional packs of Ariel washing …
  6. Detergent pulled in Germany: Neo-Nazi code accusations ……/detergent-pulled-germany-neo-naz…

    3 days ago – Detergent made by Procter & Gamble and sold in Germany has started … The Ariel Detergent packages were not meant to refer to Hitler, but the …

  7. PR-Desaster bei Procter & Gamble: Ariel wirbt mit Hitler ……/ariel-wirbt-mit-hitler-code–…4 days ago – Was haben sich die PR-Strategen dabei gedacht? Proctor & Gamblewirbt mit der “88″ für das neue Ariel. Die Zahl steht für den verbotenen …
  8. Peinliche Marketing-Panne: P&G wirbt mit Hitler-Code 88 für …

    4 days ago – Marketing Das ging mal richtig nach hinten los: Der Konsumgüter-KonzernProcter & Gamble bewirbt sein Waschmittel Ariel mit “neuer …
  9. Ariel wirbt mit Symbol für Hitler-Gruß – Wirtschaft –

    4 days ago – Hersteller Procter & Gamble distanziert sich | Ariel wirbt mit Symbol fürHitler- … „88“ steht in der rechtsradikalen Szene für „HH”, „Heil Hitler”.
  10. Procter & Gamble distanziert sich von Ariel Hitler-Gruß-Symbol…/Procter-Gamble-di… –

    5 days ago – Eine Werbeaktion für das Waschmittel Ariel mit einem Symbol für den Hitlergruß hat Empörung ausgelöst.

  11. Allemagne : une lessive retirée des rayons pour une allusion …

    Le Point-May 9, 2014
    Procter & Gamble a annoncé qu’il avait retiré de la vente en Allemagne … sur l’emballage pouvant être interprétée comme une allusion à Hitler.
  12. Detergent in hot water over Nazi code

    The Times of Israel-May 11, 2014
    Detergent manufacturer Procter & Gamble has kicked up a froth in Germany after … Similarly, “18″ is used to stand for “A.H.” or AdolfHitler.
  13. P&G pulls detergent in Germany over neo-Nazi code

    CBS News-May 9, 2014
    BERLIN – Procter & Gamble (PG) has apologized for “any false … “H” is the eighth letter of the alphabet, “88″ represents the phrase “Heil Hitler.
  14. Anger at ‘Hitler’ code on detergent

    Herald Scotland-May 10, 2014
    Detergent firm Procter & Gamble stirred anger in Germany after accidentally putting a neo-Nazi code on promotional packs of Ariel washing …
  15. Ariel detergent pulled from shelves over neo-Nazi code on packaging

    Descrier-May 10, 2014
    Procter & Gamble has removed promotional boxes of its Ariel … right in the country use the number “88″ to refer to the Nazi salute “Heil Hitler”, …
  16. Germans in lather over ‘Nazi code’

    Irish Independent-May 10, 2014
    Detergent maker Procter & Gamble has prompted anger in Germany after … Similarly, “18″ is used to stand for “A.H.” or Adolf Hitler.Procter …
  17. In a lather: Germans upset by neo-Nazi code on Ariel detergents

    Herald Scotland-May 9, 2014
    Detergent maker Procter & Gamble has prompted anger in Germany after … They use “88″ to represent the phrase “Heil Hitler,” because “H” is …

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Ukraine’s Separatists’ Manifestos Explained

Fascist terror in Ukraine, May 16, 2014

In our first interview published on April 16 in Marquetalia we reported that the way things were going, “the most likely scenario is not a civil war [in Ukraine] but perpetuated a genocide against ethnic minorities by foreign powers (including Russia) running while you look on the other side. ” Unfortunately, this prediction is confirmed by the facts that took place on May 2 Our goal in these lines is to provide the most accurate information possible about what actually happened in the regions against insurgency in Ukraine (understood in the sense that they oppose the insurrection Maidan and his government coup) and denounce the face of public opinion, particularly aware of the misinformation, as is the case since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis has spread to the West readers.


We begin by replicating the intervention of representatives of several European countries to the UN Assembly at its session of that same May 2, who accused the activists of Donbass “terrorize the civilian population” and be infiltrated Russian troops supported by “rare demonstrators.” It would be difficult to be less informed or less misleading, because the resistance of the Donbass, whose members, there are called “volunteers” (opolchentsy) consists precisely of the same civilian population and anyone who has information knows first hand that the only terror that residents of Donbass is to see land the troops neo-Nazi militias Praviy Sektor, or according to their formalized version of the National Guard. When the presence of the Russian army, just remember that until the Admiral Finnish Georgij Alafuzoff, ex head of the military intelligence of Finland and Director of Intelligence of the General Staff of the European Union has recognized 15 Last April he considered it “unlikely”, according to our information, except perhaps Slavjansk, it is nonexistent.

“Terrorism” and double standard

Furious protests from the West, which at least give the caricature, do not bring anything other than highlighting the double standard that, according to what is usual in politics, especially in international politics, s’ apply in this case. And one wonders what differentiates taking public buildings, the installation of barricades or appropriation of police weapons during Maidan, where these actions were applauded, and in the southeastern regions (which we we refuse to qualify tendentiously “pro-Russian”) where these actions are condemned without appeal. The former, despite having used Molotov cocktails since January this year – that have not yet done so against the insurgents, – and later firearms, were encouraged and applauded every time from the West. The latter have only reacted after the coup in Kiev and who have not previously used the deadly combination, are called “terrorists” and all the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Western public opinion to excite against them. In summary, the means and circumstances which determine the use of the term prove irrelevant in itself and for those suitable for the party, in this case Berlin-Washington axis.

Concerning the classification of terrorism, it must also highlight the statements of the current Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov that on social networks, reported that “They ordered the terrorist groups to dress black and draw against the civil, mimicking the actions of the Ukrainian militia. I ask the citizens of Kramatorsk Slavjansk and not out on the streets and I ordered the commandos of the Ministry of Interior to end provocation. ” According to the information we have, the only group that could act this way (and by all indications and from what they have shown themselves capable in Maidan) is the Pravyi Sektor, neo-Nazi militias Private ultra nationalist parties of the extreme right of Trizub Iarosh and Svoboda Tiahnybok. They are also the only ones who can afford the kind of rifles used by snipers, except that such material was discovered and seized in a vehicle stopped in a traffic stop near Slavjansk night from April 19 to 20 at the beginning of the Easter period, an event that ended with a balance of five dead. The accusation by Avakov deliberately blurred, is well infiltrated the alleged Russian (whose presence we said could not be demonstrated in person), it is also the alleged “terrorists” and “separatists” Donbass but it would be better to read it as an excuse not least with the aim to cover our backs if ultimately the real terrorists, ie, militiamen Pravyi Sektor or their foreign collaborators (a possibility that we will discuss later ), come to take a stand and start murdering people.


The reaction in Transcarpathia

Before we worry about the areas that are the subject of the offensive of the junta, such as resistance movements have called the self-proclaimed government in Kiev (in comparison to the coup of 70 Latin American governments), it should be noted that the fascistic threat is felt not only in the south-eastern regions of Russian-speaking majority, but also in other regions. This is what happens in the far eastern region of the country, Transcarpathia (Zakarpastka Oblast ‘), in which there is a significant presence “ethnic” Ruthenians, Hungarians and Romanians, among others. Here, as in other regions, the ultra nationalist Ukrainian took control of the situation, occupying public buildings, and in a localized, regional government, against the will of the majority of the population coup. According to a recent survey, 80.8% of respondents support the initiative to hold the government Turchynov, the liberation of the occupied buildings: 80% think it should conduct an investigation against the attackers and participants regional putsch, and the same number requires that the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU Ukrainian KGB successor) suspend the prosecution of those so-called de facto authorities describe as “Ruthenian separatists.”

Regional resistance rooted in the Carpathian Ruthenia Congress, which had already proclaimed in 2008 the Republic of Sub-Carpathian Ruthenia (Rus Podkarpatska), released a manifesto also disclosed on social networks, in which it requires government Kiev and its allies the application of the agreement in Geneva on April 17 last, the one that included the surrender of weapons by illegal paramilitary formations, the release of all illegally occupied government buildings and highways blocked, and amnesty for all political prisoners without offense of blood. We remember the demands from the “Junta” requesting that South Eastern activists perform the agreement unilaterally, since they do not feel concerned, denying the main reason for which the treaty for a moment, could disable the spiral of violence. In this regard, the Ruthenian resistance considers that the All-Ukrainian dialogue without the participation of the People’s Republic of Donetsk (Donetskaia Narodnaya Respublika) or the Republic of the Sub-Carpathian Ruthenia lack political sense.

In addition to exposing these general requirements, the manifest includes the following requirements for the case of Transcarpathia specifically: the immediate liberation of the occupied buildings in the area, the opening of criminal investigations against the attackers thereof, and be dropped prosecutions against “separatist Ruthenian” Disarmament in 17 application of article of the constitution of Ukraine, all illegal group, starting with Pravyi Sektor, recognitions Ruthenian as “ethnic Carpatho with political and cultural rights attached to the status of officially recognized ethnic group, the prohibition of SBU and other bodies of ethnic persecution Ruthenians and reprisals against them, and finally the presence of international observers to monitor the process.


Óblast of Zakarpatia (The Transcarpathia)

Óblast of Zakarpatia (The Transcarpathia)

The Donets basin undermine (Region Donbass)


Donets coal basin (Donbass Region)

The region considerada Donbass es el color of the zona rosa, pero las Fronteras oficiales de las regiones (Oblast) son las lineas de color negro.

The region is considered Donbass area rose color, but the official borders of the oblast (region) lines are black.

Events Odessa

On April 24, during the session of the meeting of the Regional Government of Odessa, the head of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior, Piotr Lutssiuk, tell members the need to leave the area to paramilitary groups, were maintained in Kiev without any control, and were sent by the new authorities in Odessa to get rid of them temporarily. According to reports Lutssiuk these groups (according to some sources, the reach 3OOO members) were established in the region 12 posts illegal traffic stop. Where stand guard by rotating, about 1500 people. In addition, the week before the session to which reference is made, the local police discovered a deposit of Odessa weapon belonging to Pravyi Sektor, which contained bullets, knives, clubs, bottles and Molotov cocktails packages explosive.

* The local media for their part, realized many conflicts that took place in positions of illegal checks between neo-Nazi militia and Odessa travelers or visitors to the city. From what was reported, first broke the windows of cars, abused travelers and demanded money to grant passage. Suddenly, the governor appointed by the illegal authorities of Kiev, Vladimir Nemirovsky, held a speech in defense of the said checks, which in his opinion, are necessary to monitor the activities of the police. (Sic!)

It is in this climate that took place the tragic events of May 2, having a history (in addition to the pre-mentioned influx of members Pravyi Sektor), on the one hand, the prior existence of an activist anti-Maidan camp Kulivovo Pole (a park in the center of the city), who had already suffered many attacks from both the police as radical nationalist elements, and secondly the convening a nationalist demonstration of supporters of radical ultra-nationalist factions of the two teams playing that day in Odessa Chernomorets local and Metallist of Járkov. At first it was assumed that these events would remain peaceful. In a video that shows the beginning of the walk you can see a well known “centurion” in Pravyi Sektor (Maidan in these groups were organized in groups of one hundred neo-Nazis -. NdT) coated with a bulletproof vest, talking with someone from the content of the conversation, it was assumed that the caller could be Avakov Minister himself, he deceives shamelessly saying that his “boys” were unarmed and himself was injured by a stone sent by the “separatists” although the latter two facts are contradicted by this video (prior to the start of the fighting) and those that were recorded during the assault of the building unions. There already among individuals dressed in camouflage outfits and armed with sticks and metal bars, one of the bodyguards of “centurion” in paramilitary uniform, told a police officer: “Do us a long way and we will our work. ” There is no doubt that the event has been planned as an organized attack.

Time for activists said Odésskaia Druzhina or Masnada Odesita (movements against-insurgents) camped at Kulikovo Pole, receiving news of this event, they were divided between those who thought it was better to stay peacefully in the camp and those who decided to leave the meeting (of the event) because they thought, and was right, that the real purpose of the march was a new and final assault on the camp. As well as 100 to 150 people remained in the camp, another group of 150, left to join the event, identified by ribbons of the Order of St. George which are used as hallmarks of the cons-insurgency (because they are associated with the victory over Nazi troops during the Second World War). This group, carrying sharp objects and in some cases protected by helmets and shields as riot use, has led to the demonstrators who had gathered on the square Sabórneia, which were busy shouting slogans ultra-nationalist fascist type Ukraiiny Slava! and shouting slogans against the moskaly (literally “Moscow” appellation expressing deep contempt in which the Ukrainian take Russian). Those who came of Kulikovo Pole is found there, in front of some 1,500 people, which is why, in clashes that followed, they were the worst part.

It was then that runs the most confusing part of the events for which the evidence is, it makes sense contradictory. Nationalist protesters accuse police of having acted in favor of “pro-Russian activists” defending by forming a human shield. Even so, both sides began to throw stones and mutually any launchable object that fell into their hands. This suggests that the police tried unsuccessfully to establish a cordon between the two groups, but that ended up being overwhelmed, she decided to stay away. However, in another video we see that the behavior of the police (some members wore red armbands, as some nationalists) is extremely disconcerting, because we can see the breaching in said cord, allowing passage one and the other groups that clashed.

From there, we deduced that their intention was to heat the atmosphere so that hostilities derive themselves an assault on the camp city, but they were not well calculated is that the boiling point is reached so as rapidly with dramatic results. Confirm this view pictures of this same video in which we see the head of the Odessa Police mingled with the demonstrators and the disappearance of the red ribbon participants (these réapparaîtrons among the besiegers of the union house) when nationalist demonstrators finally will forward to Kulikovo Pole. Anyway, that admits no doubt, this is the subsequent passivity of security forces; which is one of the catalysts of the tragedy. *

In the heat of the action, the nationalists continued their opponents in the park and some of those who were there to camp, plus some passers unprejudiced, eventually taking refuge in the building trade unions, where they found themselves surrounded by protesters opposite sign. According to the testimony of one of them, as a result of spontaneous movements of the fighting, some of the “pro-Russian aggressors” took refuge in the building said the crossfire between Molotov cocktails. In one of the videos posted on the internet there are some images, confused at first sight, in which we see how a Molotov cocktail, supposedly started by a refugee in the building falls on an air conditioner, which would have caused the fire, giving the opportunity to speak nationalist self-immolation. According to the same release, the police remained on site and firefighters have accomplished their mission, while members of the “self Maidan” (ie those Pravyi Sektor) would have helped people escape the flames, defending blows furious fans.

However, multiple videos recorded more or less hidden camera during the assault, reveal a very different situation. Let’s start with the video as evidence mentioned by nationalist demonstrators there, it is obvious that the ground floor and the main door of the building are already burning when the Molotov cocktail was thrown. In addition, even not paying attention, we see perfectly that the trajectory of the bottle is not vertical but describes a parabola, in which it rotates several times on itself, to go crashing against the ‘air conditioning unit, which proves factually it was launched from the outside. In addition, the ubiquitous and almost omniscient internet we can find pictures of happy girls who pose as they prepare Molotov cocktails to Pravyi Sektor, photos they broadcast themselves on social networks, proud of their work in the service of the Ukrainian nation. In this sense there is not the slightest doubt that the building was burned by his attackers and that they have started fire doors reveals the intention of preventing the egress of occupants. In fact there is another video in which means one of the assailants shouting: “Look, we’ll burn the fucking fags in the building.”

In this same record, you can clearly hear the repeated blows fire and we see nationalist demonstrators, many of them in paramilitary uniforms including army helmets, armed with sticks and mostly wearing a mask. We also note says “centurion” in Pravyi Sektor (without any injury, for sure) that takes several shots with his pistol towards the ledge of the second floor where a besieged trying to flee the flames. without any of the besiegers help her, while new Molotov cocktails continually hit against the door and facade of the building and you hear one of the besieging tell someone trying to escape by windows. “Look! Take to refresh you! “Cry that clearly accompanied by the launch of another Molotov cocktail. This type of action explains why in some body building, have only the head and hands burned, and not the rest of the body. In another video have heard a woman calling for help from a window of the top floor, can after we see three nationalist protesters to lean out the window, wearing a Ukrainian flag. With the position of the window, the woman who cried was identified in photographs taken after the body of a pregnant woman, strangled with an electric wire, it is a worker unions who were on hand to perform maintenance. During this time, the police conspicuous by its absence, highlighted by the voice of the author of the shooting, which regularly refers to the besieged as “300 Spartans” in clear reference to those who fell face Persian defending the parade of Thermopylae. The riot police arrive only when some of the besieged began jumping from the burning building, indicating that it was in the vicinity, but did not dare intervene (or had orders not to do until the situation becomes quite unbearable. fairness to all, we must recognize that while the police and some of those who surrounded the building (of which there were people waiting more demonstrators) attempted to create a corridor to safely evacuate the besieged who came out of the building (security as most have been arrested on charges of terrorism, 69 of them were released the next day by the angry mob . NdT), while part of the besiegers continued to throw stones against the survivors, crying Slava Ukraiiny!. Operator video asking as they help those trying to get out and some protesters him answer “These dogs! Kiev, they beheaded activists and their bitch mother! “; This reference to the inhabitants of Odessa is an accusation that has no meaning, in addition to actually we do not see that anyone was beheaded Maidan, which shows the absolute and irrational hatred that made possible the tragedy.

All the circumstances, on the other hand are far from being highlighted. According to the testimony of several survivors, inside the building there could be had, not fifty victim recognized figure so far, but at least 200, seen at the beginning of the occupation, members have continued Pravyi Sektor “pro-Russian activists” and shot at several shots of them, which also explains the photos of corpses, many have head injuries by firearms. According to witnesses, several refugees were taken to the cellars where they were executed. ”

Consequently, the fire would not have been solely intended to do away with those who were surrounded in the building, but also to remove the traces of the murders were committed there. It is obvious that to shed light on what happened, should the intervention of a competent and neutral body, but the current Ukrainian authorities coup who celebrated so repeated the actions of their “patriotic” in this “counter-terrorism” will never allow a thorough investigation examining the details of the tragedy. For now, that feels able to do so can see the terrible images captured inside the building, as well as doubts, issues raised by the same concerning the sequence of events, about which we do not have competence necessary for us to pronounce, but it would be very enlightening to see challenged by someone qualified.

To all this we can add the recordings made by the besiegers at the entrance of the building after the fire is out, we see that loot corpses who laughs missals and miniature icons that some are in their pockets. To complete the picture, in the web pages pro-nationalist it was broadcast to refer to the dead derogatory designation of “centurie smoky” in clear and ironic against-designation of the “heavenly centurie” that is to say victims (martyrs in their terminology) actions Maidan. The statements made subjects of these events by opportunistic politicians like Yulia Timoshenko, where authentic ultra-nationalist fanatics as the member of Svoboda Irina Farion, do nothing but increase the climate of ethnic hatred pushing it exasperation as well as the release of the SBU on the presence of complement false “Russian provocateurs’ who are trying to” destabilize “Odessa, Donetsk and other Ukrainian cities offering illegitimate authorities arisen coup of 22 February and its armed bases, the right-wing ultra-nationalist militias, the excuse to unleash this wave of terror, including the potential victim is the entire population that does not share the ideal fascistic. Ultimately, it is an excuse to kill their own citizens.

While recognizing the imprudence of the insurgency against Odessa (although it is possible that at the end the measure would not have been a better parade), it is clear that what happened in building Unions Odessa is a lynching in good and due form, which is totally unacceptable even if it had involved a genuine terrorist group, since the presumption of innocence and the right to a fair trial are among the most basic human rights. But it is clear that in the current situation in Ukraine, we are facing the most absolute contempt for them, let alone the rule of law. It is only in this way that we can understand that the Governor Nemirovsky has “passed” from his facebook page (!) an “edict” taking time same date of May 2, in which he told the against any law and any ethical principle that “Every action of the inhabitants of Odessa will be directed to the neutralization and detention of armed terrorists will be considered legal.” As was the fear the hunt is on.




The reaction in the south-eastern regions

April 7 against the insurgency of the Donetsk region proclaims the sovereignty of the People’s Republic of Donetsk (Donétskaia Narodnaya Respublika), which immediately allowed the Ukrainian government is accused of “separatist” anyone in this region s opposes such acts or which expresses the idea of ​​federalization of the country, even when it has nothing to do with the self-proclaimed sovereign republic, if not otherwise. With the pretext of the proclamation of the RPD, began the occupation by some against insurgents-building of the Administration and the entire population in the official rhetoric of the Kiev authorities immediately became “terrorist” forgetting similar actions in before the coup capital. The ship is easy and convenient; mix in the same pattern almost eleven million people without faires nuances, nor, above all, why bother to understand or, better yet, to take because it seems impossible that they do not realize account, despite the congenital blindness of nationalism everything on their side of the identity barrier would explain this aberrant situation.

The Kiev government, euphoric with the approval granted by the European Union and the United States, at the same time which he proceeded to the dismissal of Yanukovych, completely forgotten that he was a provisional government that which – although it was legitimate – the obligation to limit its functions to normal maintenance of the country and the preparation of presidential elections scheduled for May 25 The new authorities have not heard the southeast of the country, which you as they marched in Maidan, and was not a full support to its requirements, goals, motivations and actions, but because it will not be considered as a democratically elected government can be removed in this manner, nor thought the support of the West would come to be shameless or that once this product is the coup d’état they dare to interfere in regions where industrial activities are the economic base of the country, those who bring half of its GDP.

The first wave of indignation among the Russian-speaking population (which is not ethnically Russian, and even less by definition “pro-Russian”) took place when, instead of worrying about solving the serious economic problems facing the country, Rada or the Parliament, led by insurgent elements and under the threat of weapons of Pravyi Sektor, deleted the language law, which guaranteed a special status to the Russian spoken by the vast majority of people in these areas and that other minority languages ​​such as Hungarian, transcarpatien (but not Ruthenian considered a dialect of Ukrainian) or the Romanian-Moldovan Chernivtsi and Odessa. This decision, taken on February 23, was repudiated including the Commissioner of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation European) in cases of ethnic minorities, who warned that such parliamentary initiative could worsen the situation in the country , above all in the regions in which the question of language is considered important. For his part, the spokesman of the Council of the Russian Federation, Valentine Matviienko, warned then that this decision would be the beginning of separatism in Ukraine. This subject in the eyes of many people in Europe, is not a sufficient reason for a confrontation like that happened. However, the Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine at the beginning of Maidan received verbal and graphic signals ideological bias of the opposition which later became the provisional government. La symbolique fasciste qui apparaît sur les drapeaux, les peintures, les vêtements et les pancartes de beaucoup d’activistes de Maidán démentent les déclarations de cette opposition qui prétend agir au nom de toute l’Ukraine – et ce malgré la participation du parti ultra nationaliste Svoboda – et que son objectif serait d’unir toute l’Ukraine indépendamment de l’ethnie, dans une avancée vers des valeurs démocratiques. Malgré tout, les gens se sont armés de patience et ont attribué l’usage des slogans et emblèmes de type fasciste d’avantage à la ferveur patriotique de l’opposition qu’à ses véritables intentions d’exécuter le programme politique de Svoboda, dont le contenu pour quiconque connaît un peu l’histoire remonte au Munich de 1933 et au Lvov de 1942.

De toute façon, cela a été démenti, dès leur accès au pouvoir, par la dite abolition de la loi des langues et parce que le gouvernement provisoire au lieu de désarmer les unités paramilitaires néonazies de Pravyi Séktor, leur a permis pratiquement de contrôler les régions occidentales d’Ukraine, sans exiger qu’ils abandonnent les bâtiments occupés et, pour abonder dans ce sens, tente de les légaliser comme partie de la Garde Nationale, en une sorte d’éruption schizoïde qui prétend unir les unités militaires du Ministère de l’Intérieur du dissous Bérkut avec ses adversaires antérieurs dans les rues de Kiev. Conjointement à cette offensive, de manière tout à fait évidente pour qui connaît la situation de l’Ukraine, se produit la signature précipitée, sans autorité légale ou morale pour cela des sections politiques (Titre I et II) de l’accord contesté d’association de l’Ukraine et de l’Union Européenne, qui pour les mineurs et les ouvriers de l’industrie du Donbass signifierait (en cas d’application de sa partie économique) la fermeture des entreprises correspondantes et la perte de leur poste de travail, comme cela s’est produit en Espagne, dans des circonstances similaires lors de ce qui est appelé par euphémisme la « reconversion industrielle ».

Ainsi allèrent les choses, le 28 février, le leader de la contre-insurrection Pavel Gubarev comparaissait devant l’assemblée régional de Donetsk, appelant les députés a réagir face aux autorités putschistes de Kiev et à défendre la région de “la Junte” sans aucun résultat. Le premier mars, pendant une manifestation, la multitude à élu Gúbarev comme « gouverneur populaire », contre le gouverneur imposé par Kiev, l’oligarque Serguéi Taruta, mais le 6 mars il fut arrêté, accusé de « actions dirigées vers le changement forcé, et la vulnération de l’Ordre Constitutionnel ou assaut au pouvoir de l’état », ainsi que d’attentat contre l’unité et l’inaliénabilité de l’Ukraine », ce qui ne laisse pas d’être ironique venant d’un gouvernement coupable précisément de ces mêmes charges. Cette inculpation fut sans doute une des premières démonstrations du double standard employé depuis systématiquement par le nouveau gouvernement et un catalyseur pour le développement du mouvement de résistance à “la Junte”. D’un autre côté, Gubarev appelait à la fédéralisation de l’Ukraine et pas à la Sécession du Donbass, une opinion qui était encore majoritaire fin mars, selon une enquête réalisée entre le 16 et le31 de ce mois par Ukrainian Sociology Service, qui révèle que seulement 18% de la population des régions orientales est partisane d’une sécession. Cette proposition de fédéralisation, que propose pour la première fois le 30janvier de 2013 le député pour le parti des régions Vadim Kolesnichenko, fut la première tentative de la part de la population des régions sud-orientales d’offrir une sortie rationnelle et pacifique à la situation de la part de quelques citoyens qui pour des raisons expliquées lors de l’ entrevue citée au début de ces lignes, ne veulent pas en venir à faire partie de la Russie, ni être citoyens de seconde Zone dans leur propre pays.

Cependant, à cause du rejet par l’assemblée régionale des propositions de Gubarev et ensuite de sa détention, les manifestations à Donetsk ont commencé et elles ont grandi. Alors la Rada, alors que la sécession de la Crimée s’était déjà produite, adopta immédiatement une posture d’extrême agressivité et le 13mars, elle changea la loi électorale pour l’élection présidentielle, à laquelle fut ajoutée une clause : « La Commission Électorale centrale est obligée d’établir les résultats des élections présidentielles indépendamment de la quantité de districts électoraux dans lesquels les élections ont été menées à leur terme », autrement dit, elle élimine la nullité des élections faute de quorum, à manoeuvre grossière au sujet de laquelle tout commentaire serait superflu. De surcroît, l’amendement suivant a été adopté “Si les élections ne sont pas menées à leur terme dans certains districts électoraux, les résultats des votes au jour des élections pour le Président de l’Ukraine s’établiront à partir des résultats des autres districts électoraux”. Il a également été établi que « le jour même des élections ne pourront être célébré aucun référendum ni de l’état, ni locaux ». Le fondement de ces modifications légales est constitué par la sécession non reconnue de la Crimée, où il y a près d’un million d’électeur, et aussi la possibilité d’un boycott électoral dans les régions du sud-est, en plus d’offrir la possibilité de manipuler les résultats électoraux, cherchant des excuses pour invalider les votes « inconvenants » de districts déterminés, sans avoir à recommencer les élections. Ces dispositions furent suivie d’action de protestation qui dans certains cas se sont terminées par l’occupation de bâtiments officiels, en prenant précisément comme modèle celles qui furent menées lors du Maidán, mais à la différence de ces dernières, celle-ci furent taxées de « séparatistes », en application de la morale de double standard. D’autre part, ces accusations semblent pouvoir s’enraciner dans la profusion de symbolique pro-russe parmi la contre-insurrection sud-orientale. Pour comprendre ce phénomène il faut comprendre que malgré que les autorités de Kiev et leurs médias affins, le nient constamment, le schéma de leurs actions révèle l’application du programme de l’extrême-droite nationaliste ukrainienne, c’est pourquoi dans les dites région on l’appelle « la Junte » et ses actions sont considérés quasi unanimement comme fascistes. Dans la mémoire collective de ces régions, fortement affectées par l’occupation nazie, la libération elle-même est associée de manière indélébile à l’armée soviétique (de là l’emploi mentionné du ruban de Saint-Georges, l’unique décoration tsariste reconnue par le régime soviétique). A son tour, l’armée russe est considérée de manière plus ou moins consciente, comme son héritière. De là l’adoption d’une symbolique qui, quoique dans certains cas elle corresponde réellement à une volonté séparatiste, pour la majorité des gens, elle exprime seulement un principe, son profond sentiment antifasciste.

L’“opération antiterroriste” du Donbass

Le 13 avril, les autorités de Kiev ont annoncé le lancement de l’opération antiterroriste contre les régions du Sud-est, après la prise le 12 avril, de la mairie de Slaviansk par la contre-insurrection. Avant de poursuivre, il est indispensable de se demander : de quel terrorisme sommes-nous en train de parler ? Jusqu’à ce moment, dans les dits territoire, il n’y avait pas eu de prises d’otages, aucune explosion n’avait été provoquée, ou séquestration, il n’y avait pas eu de morts, sauf celle du porte-parole de Svoboda dans le Donbass, causée par un coup de poing au cours d’un affrontement entre des activistes pro et contre Maidán. Il est clair donc, que parler dans ce cas de terrorisme c’est simplement avoir recours au mot magique qui au moins depuis le 11 septembre, justifie en occident n’importe quelle classe de violation de droits.

De fait, le premier affrontement de la population civile avec les unités de l’armée s’est produit le 17 avril, quand les gens, surpris face à la grande affluence de véhicules militaires sur les routes se placèrent face à une colonne de tanks. Avec les débuts de cette opération, la population civile, qui fondamentalement était restée tranquille, par pure inertie, même si son opinion coïncidait avec celle de activistes commença à s’alarmer, d’autant plus que tout le monde savait que les troupes ne peuvent être mobilisées sans la déclaration préalable de l’état d’urgence. En plus, les troupes qui tenaient mobilisées avaient leurs quartiers à Dnepropetrovsk, elles étaient basiquement composées par les recrues originaires de la région de Donetsk, Lugansk et Jarkov. Les gens se rendaient compte que le gouvernement, au lieu d’agir ponctuellement contre les occupants de certains bâtiments généraux, envoyait directement l’armée, dont on ne savait pas comment elle allait agir.

Ainsi, malgré ce qu’affirmait le gouvernement de Kiev, les gens qui sont sortis pour arrêter les chars n’étaient ni armés, ni achetés par personne, il ne s’agissait pas non plus de Russes infiltrés ou d’agents à la solde de Moscou. Quelle serait la réaction de n’importe quelle population du monde que son gouvernement déclarerait « terroriste » dans son ensemble et le lendemain lui enverrait l’armée ? Faut-il supposer que quelqu’un les a achetés pour qu’ils tentent de faire quelque chose ? Les gens qui ne voulaient pas que cela dégénère en conflit sanglant sont sortis, hommes, femmes, enfants, désarmés et le visage à découvert, pour demander aux militaires qu’ils partent de là. Dans certains cas, comme à Kramatorsk, le 16 avril, les soldats, qui n’avaient aucune idée d’où on les envoyait ni de qui les envoyaient, se sont indignés et sont passés à la contre-insurrection. Dans d’autres cas, les soldats, sans présenter de résistance et pour démontrer qu’ils n’allaient pas entreprendre d’action militaire, ont démonté leurs armes, confiant à leur commandant les verrous. Dans certains cas, les gens s’en sont allés avec des caisses de munitions qu’ils ont remises à la police. Nous ne pouvons pas non plus garantir qu’il n’y ait pas eu des cas dans lesquels les contre-insurgés ont conservé les armes réquisitionnées, mais nous ne l’avons pas constaté, parmi des centaines d’enregistrements et commentaires qu’il y a sur internet au sujet des événements. Les uniques affrontements ont eu lieu durant cette première phase de l’ « opération anti-terroristes », ce sont produits aux barrages routiers (presque tous sans armes et à visage découvert) pour éviter la venue des commandos paramilitaires de Pravyi Séktor. Quand leurs troupes étaient détectées, le feu était mis au pneumatiques de la barricade pour aviser les groupes d’autodéfense, qui, eux oui, étaient armés. C’est ce qui s’est produit dans l’escarmouche de la nuit du 19 au 20 avril près de Slaviansk, qui fut le plus grave des événements jusque là.

Face à l’échec de cette première offensive, le gouvernement de Kiev, déclarant qu’il ne lancerait pas les troupes contre la population, a renforcé la Garde Nationale avec l’équipement de l’armée et a commencé à organiser des groupes irréguliers qui normalement s’identifient comme Pravyi Sektor, quoique en réalité on ait aucune certitude quand à leur composition réelle. De fait, de nombreux témoins signalent que parmi eux on a détecté des participants étrangers qui parlent en anglais et en polonais, et des rumeurs circulent concernant le recrutement des mercenaires de l’entreprise internationale Greystone, mais il n’y a pas de preuves avérées de cela. Ce qui est confirmé, oui, c’est que le gouverneur de Dnepropetrovosk, Igor Kolomoiskyi, forme à ses frais une unité de volontaires pour combattre les « séparatistes ».

Une fois ses effectifs réorganisés, le gouvernement de Kiev a décidé de lancer une seconde et puissante offensive le 2 mai passé. Alors que les gens du village de Adréievka , situé entre Kramatorsk et Slaviansk, conscients de ce que le même jour à Slaviansk les contre-insurgés livraient de durs combats contre la Garde Nationale et « compagnie », décidèrent d’arrêter une colonne de véhicules blindés qui se dirigeait vers une colline où se trouve la tour de la télévision, qui n’était pas en soi l’objectif, mais la position même, vu qu’elle est un des rares lieu en hauteur ou pouvait être ‘installé l’artillerie, tant visant Slaviansk que visant les quartiers ruraux de Kramatorsk. De fait, ce fut déjà une position importante et disputée pour cette raison, lors des batailles de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale. Depuis les premières heures de la matinée jusqu’au crépuscule, la majorité de la population de Andréievka, complétement désarmée, a tenté de convaincre les effectifs de la Garde nationale de se retirer, alors qu’eux répondaient qu’ils venaient uniquement pour les terroristes, à quoi les habitants répondaient que les uniques terroristes qu’eux connaissaient sont ceux de Pravyi Séktor et le gouvernement putschiste ukrainien, et que les gardes feraient mieux de retourner à Kiev pour la nettoyer des nazis armés qui se baladent dans les rues, alors qu’ici, c’est-à-dire dans le Donbass, il y a seulement des gens normaux, qui veulent qu’on respecte leur droits. Pendant ce temps, les gens amenaient de l’eau pour donner à boire aux gardes, vu que, il faut le faire remarquer, les autorités de Kiev ne se sont pas préoccupées d’assurer le ravitaillement de leurs propres troupes. Cela c’était déjà produit lors de la première d’offensive, pendant laquelle les « séparatistes » et les « terroristes » ont du alimenter (par charité pour le dire ainsi) les troupes envoyées de Dnepropetrovsk.

Quand au crépuscule, les gardes décidèrent de faire demi tour, les habitants leurs demandèrent de remettre leurs armes, pour garantir contre le risque d’une attaque dans le dos. Et ils proposèrent en échange, pour ne pas qu’ils soient accusés d’avoir déposé les armes de vider les chargeurs en tirant en l’air. A ce moment, alors qu’il faisait déjà sombre, quelqu’un lança un feu de Bengale faisant du bruit et de la lumière (de ceux qui faisaient partie de l’équipement de la Garde, et on n’a pas constaté qu’il y en avait entre les main de la contre-insurrection), ce à quoi dans la multitude quelqu’un répondit en lançant un cocktail Molotov, en plus, à ce moment, on voit apparaître un garde avec une blessure au cou, ce qui a provoqué la réaction des autres gardes qui ont ouvert le feu. A partir d’ici les versions divergent. Selon le commandant de la garde nationale, les terroristes étaient cachés dans la multitude d’où ils tiraient à la kalachnikov (ce dont nous constatons que c’est faux), avec pour résultat deux gardes morts et aucun civil. sD’après les habitants, ceux qui ont provoqué l’affrontement, ce furent les « commissaires politiques » incorporés à cette colonne. Selon Viacheslav Ponomariov, le leader de la résistance de Slaviansk, il y a eu 15 morts, parmi lesquels 4 militaires et 11 civils, plus des dizaines de blessés. D’après son communiqué ceux qui ont commencé à tirer, ce furent plusieurs radicaux d’un groupe de Pravyi Sektor qui faisaient partie de la colonne, qui ont tiré quand ils ont vu qu’elle allait se replier.

Cet affrontement peut être considéré comme déterminant, parce que jusqu’à ce moment la contre-insurrection appliquait la politique de ne pas tirer contre les membres des forces de sécurité de l’état, en partant du principe qu’elles étaient en service commandé, et de ne le faire que contre des unités paramilitaires. Cependant, en conséquence de cet affrontement, les soldats et les membres de la garde nationale ont été avertis que cette immunité a été suspendue. Cet affrontement a aussi initié les attaques des troupes régulières contre la population, celle-là même qu’ils étaient supposés venir défendre contre les « terroristes ». En parallèle, les habitants de Slaviansk et Kramatorsk ont dénoncé les actions indiscriminées des francs-tireurs, parmi les victimes desquels on trouve par exemple Iuliia Izotova, une aide sanitaire abattue d’un tir dans le dos pendant qu’elle tentait de s’aligner d’une escarmouche à un poste de contrôle de la route dans lequel elle travaillait comme infirmière volontaire.

Réflexion finale

No us ne prétendons pas que notre version soit absolument indiscutable ni que nous disposons de suffisamment d’information pour détenir la vérité, d’autant plus que dans tout conflit chaque partie à sa propre vérité qui n’est pas toujours dénuée de fondement. Cependant, il est clair qu’en mettant l’information dans la balance la partie qui coule dans ce cas, c’est la version des autorités de Kiev, et de ses partisans qui, avec l’intervention et l’aide pour le moins complaisante de l’Occident, diffuse une vision pour le moins partiale, quand elle n’est pas totalement fallacieuse, de la plus grande partie des événements d’Ukraine, afin de justifier ses actes, qui sont eux terroristes, contre ceux de ses propres concitoyens qui ne sont pas disposés à se soumettre à un gouvernement putschiste d’inspiration néonazie, soutenu par la « dialectique des poings et des pistolets »  

Ganna Goncharova et Alberto Montaner

Sources en espagnol :

Terror fascista en Ucrania

Traduction Anne Wolff

Ganna Goncharova est ukrainienne, socialiste, elle est née à Kramatorsk dans la région du Donbass en 1972 dans une famille de membres du parti communiste de l’Union Soviétique (PCUS). Son grand-père maternel et son père dirigeaient des organisations du parti dans les universités où ils étaient professeurs. Elle fut membre du Komsomol dès 1986 jusqu’en 1991. Elle obtint la double licence en ingénierie et économie à l’Académie de l’État du Donbass et obtint ensuite un master en Direction d’Entreprises. Pendant un temps elle travailla comme gestionnaire économique à divers postes de l’administration publique ukrainienne et comme auditeur des comptes de l’état. Ensuite elle s’est incorporée à l’entreprise privée et a travaillé comme directrice financière. Après avoir épousé en 2009Alberto Montaner Frutos , professeur à l’Université de Zaragoza elle est venue vivre en Espagne. Grande connaisseuse de la réalité politique de son pays, détenant de l’information de première main, elle s’exprime à ce sujet dans deux entrevues avec | Artículos para la réflexion políticace texte-ci est chronologiquement le deuxième, s’il traite des derniers événements (avec le décalage de traduction), il nous donne aussi une vision qui associe une bonne connaissance du terrain et nous aide à mieux comprendre qui sont les gens en contre-insurrection en Ukraine, pourquoi et contre quoi – le fascisme – ils se sont levés, pour l’immense majorité, à visage découvert et sans armes, à cette connaissance profonde de la réalité ukrainienne et aux information de première main dont dispose l’auteure est associé un travail d’analyse, une compilation de centaines de documents, de enregistrements vidéo, blogs, commentaires de la récente et tragique actualité de l’Ukraine…


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The Evils of Fiefdom Rears Head In Ukraine

Ukraine Billionaire’s Workers Rout Protesters, Seize Mariupol

Oligarch Warns Independence Would Threaten Steel Industry

by Jason Ditz, May 15, 2014

The situation in the eastern port city of Mariupol just got a lot more complicated, as the city that had been the scene of multiple battles between secessionist protesters and the western-backed military saw a new force emerge and seize the entire city in a matter of a day.

Mariupol is now under the total control of steelworkers loyal to Ukraine’s richest oligarch, Rinat Akhmetov, who yesterday issued a statement warning that eastern autonomy would mean economic ruin for the steel industry, and call on his employees to “restore order.”

Thousands of steelworkers took over Mariupol with almost no resistance, and employees of Akhmetov’s steel company, including both factory workers and miners,have moved on several other cities across Donetsk, though in smaller numbers.

Akhmetov’s companies employ some 280,000 people across eastern Ukraine, and he told his employees in no uncertain terms that regional autonomy would cost them export markets in Europe, and potentially put their steel mills at risk.

Though Akhmetov had previously given some lip-service to increased federalization in Ukraine, his business interests now seem squarely centered on ending any hope of self-rule in Donetsk, and with factory workers feeling their livelihoods at risk, he has his own army with an eye on capturing the region back for the pro-West regime.

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E. Ukraine’s regions gear up for independence referendums

Published time: May 10, 2014 17:05

A man walks past a barricade outside a regional government building in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine May 8, 2014. (Reuters / Marko Djurica)

A man walks past a barricade outside a regional government building in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine May 8, 2014. (Reuters / Marko Djurica)

Ukraine’s self-proclaimed people’s republics of Donetsk and Lugansk are making last preparations for May 11 referendums on the status of the regions, despite Russia calling for a delay of the votes and France and Germany labeling them “illegal”.

Voters in the two south-eastern regions will be asked if they “support the Act of state self-rule” of the Donetsk People’s Republic or Lugansk People’s Republic respectively.

Organizers of the Donetsk referendum say they have printed over 3 million ballot papers and set up over 1,500 local election commissions. All in all, they have spent just about 20,000 hryvnas (US$ 2,000) preparing for the vote in Ukraine’s industrial region, the heart of the country’s coal-mining.

We get no support from Russia,” Roman Lyagin, the head of the self-proclaimed republic’s election commission told reporters on Saturday, cited RIA Novosti.

The referendum will be considered valid whatever voter turnout will be,” he added, according to Itar-Tass.


Voter rolls from the 2012 parliamentary election will be used on Sunday since officials blocked access to up-to-date voter registers. However, organizers say that they have formed additional lists so that those who have reached voting age within past two years will also be able to express their opinion.

Not a single international observer has filed an application to monitor the Donetsk “republic’s” plebiscite, Lyagin said.

We haven’t refused anyone, we simply received no requests,” he said, adding that public control over the voting process could therefore be carried out by journalists. As of Saturday, over 470 reporters have accreditation to cover the upcoming event.

Polling stations will be open from 8:00 local time (5:00 GMT) and close at 22:00 (19:00 GMT). In Slavyansk the stations will close earlier, at 15:00 GMT for security reasons, according to Lyagin. The town has lately been the epicenter of violent clashes between the Ukrainian military and anti-government activists.

If a majority of voters answer “yes” on Sunday, it will give Donbas (Donetsk Basin) a right for self-determination, the head of the “republic’s” election commission explained.

It would not mean that the Donetsk region would become part of Russia, or remain within Ukraine or become an independent state. It means only one thins – that we would win the support of the majority of the population of the region and gain a moral right to state that were are not happy with what is happening in the region and demand changes,” Lyagin said.


Meanwhile, in Donetsk’s neighboring self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Lugansk, organizers have sent out 1.8 million invitations for people to take part in the referendum and set up 1471 polling stations.

According to a survey, 83 % of Lugansk residents are ready to support the Act of state self-rule of the People’s Republic of Lugansk,” the head of the local election commission, Igor Shakhov told Interfax.

Unlike in Donetsk, as many as 36 international observers have voiced their readiness to monitor the referendum on independence in Lugansk, organizers say. So far, only Canadian observers have arrived, according to self-defense activist Vasiliy Nikitin. In his words, Ukrainian authorities will not let monitors from Russia and Kazakhstan into the country.

The Russian State Duma, the lower house, said earlier it was not going to send monitors to the referendums in Ukrainian regions. Senators from the upper house, the Federation Council, are not going to be present either.

It is not yet clear when the results of the voting in the regions will be announced. An activist from Lugansk self-defense squads, Vasiliy Nikitin told journalists that they will manage to count the votes “by May 13 at the latest.” Pro-autonomy activists in Donetsk could not say when their results will be counted.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande said that they consider the upcoming voting on independence from Kiev “illegal”.

The European leaders urged Kiev authorities to launch a national dialogue with all regions before the presidential vote on May 25, and to open to the demands of protesters in eastern regions, including a constitutional reform plan which would guarantee ethnic minority rights and open the door to the decentralization of power in Ukraine.In a joint statement Saturday they also said that Kiev should present plans for constitutional reform “in the coming days,” Reuters cited.

Kiev – where anti-government activists are described as “separatists” and “terrorists” – has repeatedly said it would not recognize the results of the referendum. At the same time, acting Ukrainian President Aleksandr Turchinov assured that authorities “hear Donbas” (Donetsk Basin) and are ready to negotiate. Talking on the Shuster Live program on Ukrainian TV, he said that “federalization of eastern Ukrainian regions would be a self-destruction” and a “step to the abyss”.

However, authorities in the People’s Republic of Donetsk said that a dialogue would only be possible when the Kiev government stops their aggression and withdraws military forces from the region.

I personally do not think that Kiev want a peaceful solution to the crisis. So far, we have seen that they only want its escalation,” a co-chair of the republic’s government Miroslav Rudenko told Interfax.

Since mid-April, Kiev has been carrying out a military operation against anti-government activists in the south-eastern region, which has already resulted in bloody clashes and deaths among civilians.

Published time: May 10, 2014 17:05

A man walks past a barricade outside a regional government building in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine May 8, 2014. (Reuters / Marko Djurica)

A man walks past a barricade outside a regional government building in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine May 8, 2014. (Reuters / Marko Djurica)

The Kiev Putsch: Rebel Workers Take Power in the East

Global Research, May 07, 2014
Introduction Not since the US and EU took over Eastern Europe, including the Baltic countries, East Germany, Poland and the Balkans and converted them into military outposts of NATO and economic vassals, have the Western powers moved so aggressively to seize a strategic country, such as the Ukraine, posing an existential threat to Russia. Up until 2013 the Ukraine was a ‘buffer state’, basically a non-aligned country, with economic ties to both the EU and Russia. Ruled by a regime closely tied to local, European, Israeli and Russian based oligarchs, the political elite was a product of a political upheaval in 2004, (the so-called “Orange Revolution”) funded by the US. Subsequently, for the better part of a decade the Ukraine underwent a failed experiment in Western backed ‘neo-liberal’ economic policies. After nearly two decades of political penetration, the US and EU were deeply entrenched in the political system via long-standing funding of so-called non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), political parties and paramilitary groups. The strategy of the US and EU was to install a pliant regime which would bring Ukraine into the European Common Market and NATO as a subordinate client state. Negotiations between the EU and the Ukraine government proceeded slowly. They eventually faltered because of the onerous conditionsdemanded by the EU and the more favorable economic concessions and subsidies offered by Russia. Having failed to negotiate the annexation of the Ukraine to the EU, and not willing to await scheduled constitutional elections, the NATO powers activated their well-financed and organized NGOs, client political leaders and armed paramilitary groups to violently overthrow the elected government. The violent putsch succeeded and a US-appointed civilian-military junta took power. The junta was composed of pliant neo-liberal and chauvinist neo-fascist ‘ministers’. The former were hand-picked by the US, to administer and enforce a new political and economic order, including privatization of public firms and resources, breaking trade and investment ties with Russia, eliminating a treaty allowing the Russian naval base in Crimea and ending military-industrial exports to Russia. The neo-fascists and sectors of the military and police were appointed to ministerial positions in order to violently repress any pro-democracy opposition in the West and East. They oversaw the repression of bilingual speakers (Russian-Ukrainian), institutions and practices – turning the opposition to the US-NATO imposed coup regime into an ethnic opposition. They purged all elected opposition office holders in the West and East and appointed local governors by fiat – essentially creating a martial law regime. The Strategic Targets of the NATO-Junta NATOs violent, high-risk seizure of the Ukraine was driven by several strategic military objectives. These included: 1.) The ousting of Russia from its military bases in Crimea – turning them into NATO bases facing Russia. 2.) The conversion of the Ukraine into a springboard for penetrating Southern Russia and the Caucasus; a forward position to politically manage and support liberal pro-NATO parties and NGOs within Russia. 3.) The disruption of key sectors of the Russian military defense industry, linked to the Ukrainian factories, by ending the export of critical engines and parts to Russia. The Ukraine had long been an important part of the Soviet Union’s military industrial complex. NATO planners behind the putsch were keenly aware that one-third of the Soviet defense industry had remained in the Ukraine after the break-up of the USSR and that forty percent of the Ukraine’s exports to Russia, until recently, consisted of armaments and related machinery. More specifically, the Motor-Sikh plant in Eastern Ukraine manufactured most of the engines for Russian military helicopters including a current contract to supply engines for one thousand attack helicopters. NATO strategists immediately directed their political stooges in Kiev to suspend all military deliveries to Russia, including medium-range air-to air-missiles, inter-continental ballistic missiles, transport planes and space rockets (Financial Times, 4/21/14, p3). US and EU military strategists viewed the Kiev putsch as a way to undermine Russian air, sea and border defenses. President Putin has acknowledged the blow but insists that Russia will be able to substitute domestic production for the critical parts within two years. This means the loss of thousands of skilled factory jobs in Eastern Ukraine. 4. The military encirclement of Russia with forward NATO bases in the Ukraine matching those from the Baltic to the Balkans, from Turkey to the Caucasus and then onward from Georgia into the autonomous Russian Federation. The US-EU encirclement of Russia is designed to end Russian access to the North Sea, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. By encircling and confining Russia to an isolated landmass without ‘outlets to the sea’, US-EU empire builders seek to limit Russia’s role as a rival power center and possible counter-weight to its imperial ambitions in the Middle East, North Africa, Southwest Asia and the North Atlantic. Ukraine Putsch: Integral to Imperial Expansion The US and EU are intent on destroying independent, nationalist and non-aligned governments throughout the world and converting them into imperial satellites by whatever means are effective. For example, the current NATO-armed mercenary invasion of Syria is directed at overthrowing the nationalist, secular Assad government and establishing a pro-NATO vassal state, regardless of the bloody consequences to the diverse Syrian people. The attack on Syria serves multiple purposes: Eliminating a Russian ally and its Mediterranean naval base; undermining a supporter of Palestine and adversary of Israel; encircling the Islamic Republic of Iran and the powerful militant Hezbollah Party in Lebanon and establishing new military bases on Syrian soil. The NATO seizure of the Ukraine has a multiplier effect that reaches ‘upward’ toward Russia and ‘downward’ toward the Middle East and consolidates control over its vast oil wealth. The recent NATO wars against Russian allies or trading partners confirm this prognosis. In Libya, the independent, non-aligned policies of the Gadhafi regime stood out in stark contrast to the servile Western satellites like Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia. Gadhafi was overthrown and Libya destroyed via a massive NATO air assault. Egypt’s mass popular anti-Mubarak rebellion and emerging democracy were subverted by a military coup and eventually returned the country to the US-Israeli-NATO orbit – under a brutal dictator. Armed incursions by NATO proxy, Israel, against Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon as well as the US-EU sanctions against Iran are all directed against potential allies or trading partners of Russia. The US has moved forcefully from encircling Russia via ‘elections and free markets’ in Eastern Europe to relying on military force, death squads, terror and economic sanctions in the Ukraine, the Caucasus, the Middle East and Asia. Regime Change in Russia: from Global Power to Vassal State Washington’s strategic objective is to isolate Russia from without, undermine its military capability and erode its economy, in order to strengthen NATO’s political and economic collaborators inside Russia – leading to its further fragmentation and return to the semi-vassal status. The imperial strategic goal is to place neo-liberal political proxies in power in Moscow, just like the ones who oversaw the pillage and destruction of Russia during the infamous Yeltsin decade. The US-EU power grab in the Ukraine is a big step in that direction. Evaluating the Encirclement and Conquest Strategy So far NATO’s seizure of the Ukraine has not moved forward as planned. First of all, the violent seizure of power by overtly pro-NATO elites openly reneging on military treaty agreements with Russia over bases in Crimea, had forced Russia to intervene in support of the local, overwhelmingly ethnic Russian population. Following a free and open referendum, Russia annexed the region and secured its strategic military presence. While Russia retained its naval presence on the Black Sea … the NATO junta in Kiev unleashed a large-scale military offensive against the pro-democracy, anti-coup Russian-speaking majority in the eastern half of the Ukraine who have been demanding a federal form of government reflecting Ukraine’s cultural diversity. The US-EU promoted a “military response” to mass popular dissent and encouraged the coup-regime to eliminate the civil rights of the Russian speaking majority through neo-Nazi terror and to force the population to accept junta-appointed regional rulers in place of their elected leaders. In response to this repression, popular self-defense committees and local militias quickly sprang up and the Ukrainian army was initially forced back with thousands of soldiers refusing to shoot their own compatriots on behalf of the Western –installed regime in Kiev. For a while, the NATO-backed neo-liberal-neo-fascist coalition junta had to contend with the disintegration of its ‘power base’. At the same time, ‘aid’ from the EU, IMF and the US failed to compensate for the cut-off of Russian trade and energy subsidies. Under the advise of visiting US CIA Director, Brenner, the Kiev Junta then dispatched its elite “special forces” trained by the CIA and FBI to carry out massacres against pro-democracy civilians and popular militias. They bussed in armed thugs to the diverse city of Odessa who staged an ‘exemplary’ massacre: Burning the city’s major trade union headquarters and slaughtering 41, mostly unarmed civilians who were trapped in the building with its exits blocked by neo-Nazis. The dead included many women and teenagers who had sought shelter from the rampaging neo-Nazis. The survivors were brutally beaten and imprisoned by the ‘police’ who had passively watched while the building burned. The Coming Collapse of the Putsch-Junta Obama’s Ukraine power grab and his efforts to isolate Russia have provoked some opposition in the EU. Clearly US sanctions prejudice major European multi-nationals with deep ties in Russia. The US military build-up in Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Black Sea raises tensions and threatens a large-scale military conflagration, disrupting major economic contracts. US-EU threats on Russia’s border have increased popular support for President Putin and strengthened the Russian leadership. The strategic power grab in the Ukraine has radicalized and deepened the polarization of Ukrainian politics-between neo-fascist and pro-democracy forces. While the imperial strategists are extending and escalating their military build-up in Estonia and Poland and pouring arms into the Ukraine, the entire power grab rests on very precarious political and economic foundations- which could collapse within the year – amidst a bloody civil war/ inter-ethnic slaughter. The Ukraine junta has already lost political control of over a third of the country to pro-democracy, anti-coup movements and self-defense militias. By cutting off strategic exports to Russia to serve US military interests, the Ukraine lost one of its most important markets, which cannot be replaced. Under NATO control, Ukraine will have to buy NATO-specified military hardware leading to the closure of its factories geared to the Russian market. The loss of Russian trade is already leading to mass unemployment, especially among skilled industrial workers in the East who may be forced to immigrate to Russia. Ballooning trade deficits and the erosion of state revenues will bring a total economic collapse. Thirdly, as a result of the Kiev junta’s submission to NATO, the Ukraine has lost billions of dollars in subsidized energy from Russia. High energy costs make Ukrainian industries non-competitive in global markets. Fourthly, in order to secure loans from the IMF and the EU, the junta has agreed to eliminate food and energy price subsidies, severely depressing household incomes and plunging pensioners into destitution. Bankruptcies are on the rise, as imports from the EU and elsewhere displace formerly protected local industries. No new investments are flowing in because of the violence, instability and conflicts between neo-fascists and neo-liberals within he junta. Just to stabilize the day-to-day operations of government, the junta needs a no-interest $30 billion dollar handout – from its NATO patrons, an amount, which is not forthcoming now or in the immediate future. It is clear that NATO ‘strategists’ who planned the putsch were only thinking about weakening Russia militarily and gave no thought to the political, economic and social costs of sustaining a puppet regime in Kiev when Ukraine had been so dependent on Russian markets, loans and subsidized energy. Moreover, they appear to have overlooked the political, industrial and agricultural dynamics of the predictably hostile Eastern regions of the country. Alternately, Washington strategists may have based their calculations on instigating a Yugoslavia-style break-up accompanied by massive ethnic cleansing amidst population transfers and slaughter. Undeterred by the millions of civilian casualties, Washington considers its policy of dismantling Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya to have been great political-military successes. Ukraine most certainly will enter a prolonged and deep depression, including a precipitous decline in its exports, employment and output. Possibly, economic collapse will lead to nationwide protests and social unrest: spreading from East to West, from South to North. Social upheavals and mass misery may further undermine the morale of the Ukrainian armed forces. Even now, Kiev can barely afford to feed its soldiers and has to rely on neo-Fascist volunteer militias who may be hard to control. The US-EU are not likely to intervene directly with an Libya-style bombing campaign since they would face a prolonged war on Russia’s border at a time when public opinion in the US is suffering from imperial war exhaustion, and European business interests with links to Russian resource companies are resisting consequential sanctions. The US-EU putsch has produced a failing regime and a society riven by violent conflicts – spinning into open ethnic violence. What, in fact, has ensued is a system of dual power with contenders cutting across regional boundaries. The Kiev junta lacks the coherence and stability to serve as a reliable NATO military link in the encirclement of Russia. On the contrary, US-EU sanctions, military threats and bellicose rhetoric are forcing Russians to quickly rethink their ‘openness’ to the West. The strategic threats to its national security are leading Russia to review its ties to Western banks and corporations. Russia may have to resort to a policy of expanded industrialization via public investments and import substitution. Russian oligarchs, having lost their overseas holdings, may become less central to Russian economic policy. What is clear is that the power grab in Kiev will not result in a ‘knife pointed at the heartland of Russia’. The ultimate defeat and overthrow of the Kiev junta can lead to a radicalized self-governing Ukraine, based on the burgeoning democratic movements and rising working class consciousness. This will have to emerge from their struggle against IMF austerity programs and Western asset stripping of Ukraine’s resources and enterprises. The industrial workers of Ukraine who succeed in throwing off the yoke of the western vassals in Kiev have no intention of submitting themselves to the yoke of the Russian oligarchs. Their struggle is for a democratic state, capable of developing an independent economic policy, free of imperial military alliances. Epilogue: May Day 2014: Dual Popular Power in the East, Fascism Rising in the West The predictable falling out between the neo-fascists and neo-liberal partners in the Kiev junta was evidenced by large-scale riots, between rival street gangs and police on May Day. The US-EU strategy envisioned using the neo-fascists as ‘shock troops’ and street fighters in overthrowing the elected regime of Yankovich and later discarding them. As exemplified by the notorious taped conversation between Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador to Kiev, the EU-US strategists promote their own handpicked neoliberal proxies to represent foreign capital, impose austerity policies and sign treaties for foreign military bases. In contrast, the neo-fascist militias and parties would favor nationalist economic policies, retaining state enterprises and are likely to be hostile to oligarchs, especially those with ‘dual Israeli-Ukraine’ citizenship. The Kiev junta’s inability to develop an economic strategy, its violent seizure of power and repression of pro-democracy dissidents in the East has led to a situation of ‘dual power’. In many cases, troops sent to repress the pro-democracy movements have abandoned their weapons, abandoned the Kiev junta and joined the self-governing movements in the East. Apart from its outside backers-the White House, Brussels and IMF – the Kiev junta has beenabandoned by its rightwing allies in Kiev for being too subservient to NATO and resisted by the pro-democracy movement in the East for being authoritarian and centralist. The Kiev junta has fallen between two chairs: it lacks legitimacy among most Ukrainians and has lost control of all but a small patch of land occupied by government offices in Kiev and even those are under siege by the neo-fascist rightand increasingly from its own disenchanted former supporters. Let us be absolutely clear, the struggle in the Ukraine is not between the US and Russia, it is betweena NATO-imposed junta composed of neo-liberal oligarchs and fascists on one side and the industrial workers and their local militias and democratic councils on the other. The former defends and obeys the IMF and Washington; the latter relies on the productive capacity of local industry and rules by responding to the majority.
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Neo Nazie shock troops to start war with Russia

The tragedy in Odessa where more than forty people were burned alive by pro-Kiev activists has left Western leaders unimpressed. Why would the West register no reaction and how far could its support of the Kiev junta go? We are discussing it with Alexander Rogers, Ukrainian political analyst coming to us from Donetsk, and Dušan Janjić, Senior Researcher at the Institute for Social Sciences in Belgrade, Serbia.

The punitive operation waged by the West-supported Kiev authorities in the Southeastern regions of Ukraine already resulted in hundreds of civilian deaths and – a horrible tragedy in the Southern port city of Odessa where more than forty people were burned alive by the so-called anti-separatist activists.

The awful news, however, has left Western leaders unperturbed. The US President Barack Obama has even maintained that Ukrainian authorities have the right to “restore order” in the east of Ukraine.

Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman of the Russian President, described Obama’s remark as utterly cynical and said that both the Kiev authorities and their backers in the West were directly responsible for Odessa atrocities.

Dušan Janjić:

The crisis is at the beginning. It will take time. There will be, unfortunately, so many crimes and so many victims before the international so-called morale or ethics restart working.

The involvement of the Western powers in the crisis in the former Yugoslavia, was it as open as we are witnessing it in Ukraine?

It was not so open. At the beginning the Western countries haven’t got the one voice about the Yugoslav crisis. Germany, Austria, some Western countries were proactive, they first started supporting some separatists from Slovenia and Croatia and the others were silent. From 1994 the West was unified. Basically, the EU and the US were talking with one voice.

Comparing the Ukraine’s case and the Yugoslav case, the West has a completely different approach. At that time the West did not support the territorial integrity of Yugoslavia. It was supporting the separatism and the newborn republican sovereignty.

People who are saying they are governing the country, they seem to be quite helpless in reinstating order. Are they really helpless or is it just not their objective to maintain order?

For the moment it looks that it is right, but I’m not sure.

When we were watching the debates in the UN Security Council, it looked like the Western representatives just wouldn’t listen to the facts.

This is really a mess. At this moment, I think that all the sides, including the Security Council’s members are trying to take good positions for the continuation of the crisis. It is something which basically became the habit in the Security Council. Usually we will find somebody – two or three countries – blocking the others.

Alexander Rogers:

I’m in Donetsk now. I’m coordinating the gathering of information. I have information about mercenaries from the Western countries fighting on the side of Kiev.

And what is the current situation now?

Their anti-terrorist operation has failed. In all the cities the regular army doesn’t want to fight their own people. The Nazis – the National Guard – are fighting very badly. They kill innocent people. And if they see armed militias, they run.

And how many people have been killed?

About 100.

The Western media keeps saying that there are Russian mercenaries and the Russian regular army fighting there?

No, that isn’t true. There is no evidence of the Russian support. Many people would want the Russian support, but they don’t have it.

You said that there are someone we actually tend to call the neo-Nazis.

Yes, the Nazis are present. They formed the National Guard. I have much information about them killing innocent people and stealing goods and food. They are like marauders.

Do you happen to have any information as to whether there are Western military advisors in the region?

They are present in the regions. I have information about the western-made weapons. I have information about people talking English and German. I have information about sniper weapons captured by the militias.

Why did the Western governments have such a lukewarm reaction to that?

I think the US is trying to establish in Ukraine a government controlled by the US to make a confrontation against Russia, to invite it to war and push it to defend people in Ukraine against the Nazis. And then, this will give a new argumentation for the existence of NATO and a new US military budget. Big corporations want a new military budget and they need war to make money.

Jewish Population in Kiev In Fear of their Lives

Buses and armed guards: Odessa Jews ready for mass evacuation

Published time: May 05, 2014 09:19

Odessa Jews holding a Bar Mitzvah ceremony. Image from

Odessa Jews holding a Bar Mitzvah ceremony. Image from

The Jewish community of Odessa is prepared for mass evacuation, should violence re-erupt in the Ukrainian city and threaten to spill over them. Anti-Semitism is a painful issue in Ukraine, with radical nationalism on the rise.

Odessa witnessed several instances of clashes between anti-government and pro-government activists in the past weeks. They culminated in the deaths on Friday of dozens of opponents of the new authorities, most of whom burned to death in a building, besieged by armed radicals, who used Molotov cocktails and firearms in a crackdown on the protester’s camp.

The standoff so far hasn’t touched the Jewish community directly, Odessa Jewish leaders told the Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post, but they are concerned that this may change. So they have contingency plans for evacuation, possibly out of the country.

“When there is shooting in the streets, the first plan is to take [the children] out of the center of the city,”said Rabbi Refael Kruskal, the head of the Tikva organization. “If it gets worse, then we’ll take them out of the city. We have plans to take them both out of the city and even to a different country if necessary, plans which we prefer not to talk about which we have in place.”

He said he was considering renting a holiday camp to house 600 Jews away from Odessa for the next weekend, considering that Friday marks the anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany. The date polarized society: some people cherish the legacy of Ukrainian nationalists, who collaborated with the Nazis against Russia, while others see it as a symbol of victory over Nazism and by extension the modern-day nationalists.

There are fears of more clashes will come on that date in Ukraine.

“The next weekend is going to be very violent,” Kruskal believes.

Evacuation plans have been prepared by other parts of the Jewish community.

“If the situation gets worse, we are planning to move,” Kira Verkhovskaya, head of the Migdal International Center of Jewish Community Programs, told the Post.

Rabbi Avraham Wolf, representing the Chabad hassidic community, said they are taking extra security measures, such as posting armed guards, and are prepared for a possible evacuation. Together with the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, they have prepared a fleet of 70 buses, fueled and ready to go.

Rabbi Avraham Wolf and UNA-UNSO commander Valery Zagorodny remove anti-Semitic writings. Photo courtesy of the Chabad Odessa Jewish community.

Rabbi Avraham Wolf and UNA-UNSO commander Valery Zagorodny remove anti-Semitic writings. Photo courtesy of the Chabad Odessa Jewish community.


Odessa once had a considerable Jewish minority, with about a third of the city’s population being Jewish. As Nazi Germany and its allies were advancing into Ukraine, many Jews fled east, but hundreds of thousands still remained by the time Odessa was taken by Romanian and German troops.

In mid-October 1941, the occupation forces started mass executions of everyone they deemed enemies, including between 25,000 and 34,000 Odessa Jews. The site of one of the worst massacres, where thousands were shot or burned alive in old gunpowder warehouses, is now a Holocaust memorial.

The memorial was desecrated in mid-April along with a Jewish cemetery, as unidentified attackers painted them with swastikas, death threats against Jews and radical Right Sector symbols. The nationalist movement denied any links to the desecration, offering its protection to Odessa Jews and sending its representative to remove the writings together with Rabbi Wolf.

Anti-Semitism in Ukraine also made the headlines last month after masked people in Donetsk distributed leaflets demanding that all adult Jews registered and paid money to the authorities of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the political body of anti-government protesters in the eastern-Ukrainian region.

Protest leaders decried the leaflet, which was apparently written to resemble orders given to Ukrainian Jews by the Nazi forces, as a crude provocation staged to coincide with the celebration of Pesach by Jewish communities.

Moscow’s Human Abuses White Book

Moscow releases ‘White Book’ on human rights abuses in crisis-torn Ukraine

Published time: May 05, 2014 12:32

Riot policemen stand guard as they are hit by fire caused by molotov cocktails hurled by anti-government protesters during clashes in Kiev February 18, 2014 (Reuters / Stringer)

Riot policemen stand guard as they are hit by fire caused by molotov cocktails hurled by anti-government protesters during clashes in Kiev February 18, 2014 (Reuters / Stringer)

A report on human rights violations, law abuses, use of torture, inhuman treatment and other crimes in Ukraine from the end of November 2013 to the end of March 2014, a so called ‘White Book’, has been presented by the Russian Interior Ministry.

The authors compiled their facts by carefully monitoring Ukrainian, Russian and some Western media reports. The study also considered statements from Ukraine’s “new government” and their supporters, and numerous eyewitness accounts, including those posted on the internet. They also recorded observations and interviews with people on the scene, and those collected by non-governmental organizations: The Foundation for Researching Problems in Democracy, and the Moscow Bureau for Human Rights.

The study accuses those “who cynically, in pursuit of their own selfish interests …and pseudo-democratic demagogy, are plunging a multimillion multi-ethnic Ukrainian population into extremism, lawlessness, and a deep crisis of national identity.”

According to the authors, the aim of the document is “to focus on facts which the international community and key international human rights bodies have not shown proper and impartial attention to.”

“The onslaught of racism, xenophobia, ethnic intolerance, the glorification of the Nazis and their Banderite sycophants should be brought to a speedy end through the united efforts of the Ukrainian people and the international community,” it adds.

The document states that the alternative may have “devastating consequences for peace, stability, and democratic development in Europe.” That’s why it’s “necessary to prevent a further escalation of this situation,” it adds.

The document, written in Russian and English, details examples of violations to the right to life and violations of public order and safety, as well as the use of torture, inhuman treatment and other crimes committed in the period from the end of November 2013 to the end of March 2014. It was presented to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday.

A protester hurls a molotov cocktail towards police from the barricades at Independence square in Kiev on February 19, 2014 (AFP Photo / Louisa Gouliamaki)

A protester hurls a molotov cocktail towards police from the barricades at Independence square in Kiev on February 19, 2014 (AFP Photo / Louisa Gouliamaki)


According to the authors of the study, the list of the “most flagrant violations of fundamental international norms by ultranationalist, neo-Nazi, and extremist forces which have monopolized the Euromaidan protests, while far from being exhaustive, nevertheless gives enough grounds to claim that such violations were widespread.”

Another violation, according to the authors of the ‘White Book’, is the “interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state.”

Among the violations that took place in Ukraine, the ‘White Book’ mentions weapons, equipment, and the tactics of the Euromaidan participants. It also presents evidence of deliberately committed violence and provocations by the so-called “Peaceful demonstrators.”

Meanwhile, Discrimination along ethnic and linguistic lines, xenophobia and racial extremism and incitement of racial hatred are also mentioned in the study, along with religious intolerance, including threats to the Russian Orthodox Church.

The document also mentions the serious restrictions on the freedom of media and censorship in Ukraine. Violations of the right to freedom of thought and belief, including political beliefs, and violations of the right to express them are also mentioned in the ‘White Book’

“The history of the twentieth century has given tragic lessons which would be irresponsible and also at times just unlawful to ignore. The ‘White Book’ is a signal to those who have forgotten this or pretend to forget,” the document states.

Church Unity Broken

The Church of Antioch Has Broken Communion with the Patriarchate of Jerusalem

The Church of Antioch has unanimously decided to suspend communion and not to commemorate Patriarch Theophilos in the ecclesiastical diptychs.
admin | 02 May 2014
April 30, 2014. PRAVMIR. The Holy Synod of the Church of Antioch, presided over by Patriarch John, announced on April 29 that it has officially suspended communion with the Patriarchate of Jerusalem.
The Church of Antioch Has Broken Communion with the Patriarchate of Jerusalem

This has been reported by, with reference to the website of the Patriarchate of Antioch.

The Primate of the Church of Antioch again raised the question of the canonical intrusion of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem into the Metropolia of Qatar. In his words, all meetings between the two sides have been fruitless. As a result, the Antiochian delegation refused to sign the document of agreement at the meeting of Primates in Istanbul.

Patriarch John noted that this question was not even on the agenda, despite pleas from the Antiochian Patriarchate.

“Following Patriarchate of Jerusalem’s intractable position, the Antiochian throne has unanimously decided to suspend communion and not to commemorate Patriarch Theophilos in the ecclesiastical diptychs, as it was normally done earlier. The Antiochian Patriarchate has prepared a letter for all Orthodox Churches with the rational for this decision and with a request that they pray for the unity of the Churches,” concluded the Patriarch of Antioch.

The Holy Synod of the Antiochian Patriarchate also called for an end to the hostilities in Syria and for the establishment of peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims in Syria, Lebanon, and other Middle Eastern countries.