A Rustic Approach From An Urban Setting

I built this page as a way to understand current events from an Orthodox perspective, in a way that promotes peace and goodwill between peoples.  I am not an expert on international affairs or history…this effort is a work in progress and a labour of love.

Basically this is a very rustic, peasant,  man on the street perspective…someone who is concerned with daily life in the sense that  daily life dominates, while still trying to understand the Truth of what is going on in the world.

I’m guessing there are others like myself, in the same predicament, simple, honest folk trying to have an clear understanding so as to make better decisions.

Comments are welcome however, they must be written and posted in the spirit of brotherly love, even love for those identified by the writer as enemies.  The comment must stay on topic.  Mostly I will be reporting on what I can glean from web searches, and information I pick up through readings and also through chit-chat of daily life.

maybe we can do something, and then again…maybe all we can do is pray…but certainly it is better than nothing.  this is my attempt to do something.

As I said I’m very rustic, green around the ears, and such: if you don’t believe me go to my internet radio show  wimminfolk:sacred and vernacular at http:// http://www.blogtalkradio.com/heartsoul-wimmin.

Feel free to correct me if i got something wrong. Maybe together we can make some sense out of this crazy mixed-up and irrational world.


yours truly,


Just Like Her Mother

pic copyrighted 2013, xenia lynn teresa williams

dry erase on white board







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